This article is about the man behind TechNet Wiki, Ed Price.

Ed Price - MSFT's avatar

Ed is a very kind, generous, handsome and beardy fella, who has in many people's eyes been the man that reinvigorated TechNet Wiki. His role in Microsoft is Customer Program Manager on the SQL Server Customer Experience team, but he has also helped lead TechNet Wiki.

When Ed took on the already hugely successful TechNet Wiki, his vision was to open its doors and bring in the community to help grow it into the new heights it is at today. This page is dedicated to Ed for his birthday, however we hope this is only laying the ground stone for future members to add to.

When Margriet Bruggeman contacted me with the idea for this article, I thought it was a great idea and was happy to help, especially for such a deserved person. So I pulled/emailed all the techNet Wiki councilors and bloggers into a group discussion, and together, in the true Wiki community spirit, we hatched the plan for this page. This article is the result. However, being a Wiki document, we're all hoping it grows and evolves over time, as it has done, while Ed slept, before he woke for his birthday.

To make such an article, we had a lively discussion about its legitimacy in this Wiki. However, as it is about the man who reinvigorated TechNet Wiki, from those who know him, it tells the history of TechNet Wiki, and is therefore a valid Wiki informational page.

It begins with birthday quotes for his 100th birthday, from those who were able to chip in around his birthday of February 27th 2014.

As a living breathing Wiki article, if you have been involved in TechNet Wiki as maybe a blogger or councilor, please continue to grow this article, with your own reflections on Ed, as Wiki contributors come and go.

You are welcome to help improve the quality and layout of the page, spelling, grammar, etc. However, people's "meaning or sentiment" within the quotes should only be changed by the person who made them.


Birthday wishes 2014

 I met Ed in the Technet Wiki Community a couple of years ago. Ed has the sense of humor that I love and his witty remarks frequently make me smile. Ed has a rare drive and focus to make Technet Wiki a better platform and his contributions to it have been quite significant and impressive and I admire him for it. Ever since I've known him, Ed is a person who tries to help and stimulate other people. My prediction for the upcoming year? There will be a lot more Ed and that's a marvellous thing!

en-US: Happy Birthday!nl-NL: Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! From Margriet Bruggeman (Netherlands)


 Ed skillfully lured me into TechNet Wiki a couple of years ago. From what I've seen since, Ed has been the saviour of TechNet Wiki, his vision and his talent spotting reinvigorating the platform. I have never heard a bad word about Ed. He is a very positive "can do" kind of person. He has an amazing ability to be omnipresent across so many interests, yet is able to juggle them all so incredibly efficiently! I can only dream of being as organised as Ed must be. His attention to detail never ceases to impress. Microsoft is very lucky to have people of Ed's calibre. I wish him all the best in every endeavour. From Peter Laker (United Kingdom)


 Ed's passion and energy made me starting contributing into Wiki. It quickly grew into a habit. I am grateful to Ed for introducing me into Wiki, into the Community Council and eventually into being a Blogger. Ed is a true inspiration to all Wiki community!

Mazel Tov, Ed! Give Wiki 120+ years of love! 
С Днем Рождения! (ru-Ru)
 From Naomi Nosonovsky (USA)


 If we talk about the TechNet Wiki we mostly talk about all the contributions from all around the world, but what would our wiki look like without Ed? It would be definitely not so passionate. The passion Ed brings into the wiki is infectious. I see it every time I talk to other contributors. For me Ed is more than a spiritual leader of the wiki. He opened so many doors for me, who gave me the drive to do more and someone who never gets tired to bring in new ideas. It is an honor to work with a person of Ed’s caliber. Happy Birthday Ed! You are the visible, invisible ninja of the TechNet Wiki. From Jan Hentschel (Germany)


 I won’t wish you a Happy Birthday, that’s too common (even if I think so :). After few months on the Wiki, I can say that you deserve a BIG birthday cake with a BIG bottle of champagne (not virtual this time !), for all efforts you have made, you make, and you will make for the Wiki Community. I don’t know where you find all that energy! From Benoit Jester (France)


 Happy birthday to one of the best community people at Microsoft. The quality and reach of the wiki are the products of a stick-to-it-iveness I have rarely seen. The wiki puts a community face on Microsoft that cannot be matched by other community efforts, and this is largely due to Ed. From Monica Rush (United States)


 Ed, congratulations on your birthday! That this date be repeated for many years! The little I knew you since realized that you're a very nice person! I hope to one day have the pleasure to know him personally and I am glad to be part of this family TechNet Wiki! From Alan Carlos (Brazil)


 When I was tired and I just wanted to stop he was there to support me. He has his little charisma that made ​​him a great leader. Unintentionally - or not - he got a large place in my life and also in others’ lives to improve our world. He is here to make a better world and I'm a happy to know a such person. Without you, our community wouldn’t be one of the best communities in the world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ed! From Gokan Ozcifci (Belgium)


 I started to work with Ed on the TechNet Wiki and I can confirm that he is a exceptional leader for the whole community ! He is for me a TechNet Wiki founder. He tied the link between the Wiki and the Forum, he created a lot of wiki articles to build a strong base on the Wiki and he always help any users that need help. He act like a project manager too ! By keeping the TechNet Wiki Council Meeting points meets/discussed and the meeting schedule on date. On the other hand Ed lead the SQL Server, PowerPivot, SmallBasic and a lot of technology forums. In the forum he don't fear to uncover from dust any old unanswered question to ask for a status. In case he can't answer he will always look to get in touch with other to get an answer. Always positive and always ready to help! From Philippe Levesque (Canada)


 I remember the first time that we talked. Ed surprised me. He is always willing to help, reading and writing to all, when the world seems to be falling down. Ed is a Ninja, doesn't seem to need much sleep. An example for us all to keep working on TechNet Wiki. I wish that your birthday ... Surrounded with happiness, Brightened with fun, Remembered with joy, ...and enriched with friendship of all Community. Translating and always collaborating...

en-US: Happy Birthday to you ! pt-BR: Feliz Aniversário para você! From Durva Ramos (Brazil)


 I first encountered Ed Price in 2011 when I became active in the TechNet Wiki. In particular, I depended on his "User Experience Guidelines" Wiki for advice. I finally got to meet him in person a year ago. I was struck by how someone so active in social media and community could be so unassuming in person. I commented that he must work 20 hours a day. He replied that it only seemed like that because he is constantly changing time zones. I wonder. Ed is always helpful and encouraging. He is an inspiration to us all. So Happy Birthday Ed. From Richard Mueller (United States)


 Ed is a type of leader who does not dictates to get the work done instead he motivates by setting an example. Ed is certainly the biggest influencer on TechNet Wiki advocating the purpose of sharing knowledge and helping others. The other quality of him is to attract like minded people, with whom he shares the beautiful endeavour of spreading the love and happiness by sharing the knowledge. Thanks for having me included in such a great team, Happy B’Day.Enjoy Hard! From Maheshkumar S Tiwari (India)


 Greetings because the passage of time not only sounds the melody of past memories, but marks the cheerful rhythm of a life of intense emotions, always ready to start from scratch to discover the world and its wonders! Best wishes for a happy birthday, it was a special day for you, and I wish you lots of happiness these days. From Carmelo La Monica (Italy)


 I first meet Ed when he contacted me to do an interview for the Wiki Ninjas blog. I didn't know Ed at the time, but I felt very privileged to have been approached by him. I knew he was a major contributor to the wiki. What I didn't know about Ed at the time was just how much of a driving force behind the wiki he is. Ed is constantly there, encouraging and inspiring people. He's like a father figure for the Wiki, whom everyone looks up to for guidance and advice, always encouraging people to get involved. He's gentle when needing to bring correction, and always looking to bring out the best in people. What a great leader! Ed, all the very best for the year ahead! From Matthew Yarlett (Australia)


 While tracking back my first steps on the Technet Wiki, I'm getting pretty close to the initial launch of the Technet Wiki... As for the record, the first article was published on 25 feb 2010. It couldn't be more magic, but it's exactly 4 years ago. I was pulled in by Markus Vilcinskas 2 weeks later in march 2010, one of the first initiative to extract useful (FIM) information from the forums into the Technet Wiki. And, as usual with a fresh beta platform, we sometimes ran into some eh... challenges. Can't remember exactly how, but via Markus we got into interesting discussions on Wiki optimization, tagging, usability... Since, Ed has always been my fall back support for the Technet Wiki. Over time I started realising that Ed (together with Eric Battalio, Tony Soper and others) was driving the growing adoption of the Technet Wiki... And I too got involved more and more, first as MVP later as MSFTy. Lots of stuff has been evolving, but still Ed is the driving force behind the Wiki. It's pretty amazing how he comes up with new initiatives, motivating others to come up with new and fresh ideas. Now, more teams and communities are joining and the Technet Wiki is (becoming) the top reference for the community. The sensei Wiki Ninja deserves the credits for that! Behind every great Wiki there's a great man. Keep up the good work, Ed! Happy Birthday! From Peter Geelen (Belgium)


 I still remember when Ed invited me to the Wiki Ninjas blog. Do you remember? It is one and a half years ago. Meeting you was the best thing in my (wiki) life. I am impressed and respect the way you thinks and your passionate activities. Hoping this will be a wonderful year for you. Thank you! From Tomoaki Yoshizawa (Japan)


 Ed is our fearless Wiki Ninja Sensei who in addition to his day job almost never sleeps to make sure the Wiki is the best resource it can be for the Microsoft Community worldwide. It isn’t unusual to see Ed working on the Wiki at 3am! Ed, you are a true master at team building and are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for everything you do – the Wiki is warm. I hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday. From Craig Lussier (Bermuda)


 May all your wishes come true and you have lots of fun TechNet Wiki Ninja From Davut EREN - TAT (Izmir/Turkey)


 You have been an inspiring and tireless model of how to make a community thrive, always with the best values of respect and collaboration. Wish you all the best. From Bruno Lewin (Seattle, USA)


 The driving force behind the TechNet Wiki. Inspiring, motivating, and vibrant. Happy Birthday, Ed! From Steef-Jan Wiggers (Ede, The Netherlands)


 Wow what a man! :) All this testimonials about Ed is only increasing the respect I have got for him!! Hope I get a chance to work with him real soon! A very happy birthday Ed!! May this year turn out to be really great for you. And yeah since everyone is sending in personalized wishes in their native languages .. here goes mine in Tamil :D இனிய பிறந்த நாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் From Jayakumaur (India)



 When you talk about Microsoft, you may imagine a busy man who even does not answer emails. But, about Ed, this is completely different. Whenever I contacted him, he responded kindly in the shortest time to solve my issue. He is really amazing. Happy birthday to you with the best wishes.  From Payman (Iran)




Birthday wishes video

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