System Data Protection Manager (DPM) from Microsoft has its own niche among similar systems. The amount of information about the DPM in the vast global network proves that this system is in demand and is used in different companies and firms to save the information.

Most likely , each encounter any issues related to DPM: installation, configuration or maintenance .

This article discusses one of them. As you know, technology Hyper-V Replica can not work with the types of disks that are connected as Passthrough or through Virtual Fibre Channel, so only used VHD (-x). The question arises as to the multi-disk virtual machines if necessary to exclude some of the VHD virtual disk archiving means DPM. Through a graphical interface or use PowerShell commands to do it will not work.

In example below we will see a working and proven exclusion mechanism of VHD files from the backup virtual machine in Hyper-V DPM.

There are DPM 2012 R2, running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, t he parent partition (host will be called briefly) with virtual machines (VMs), running Windows Server 2012 R2. Certain VM has two virtual disk VHD (-x): a system and for data.


1) Open the DPM 2012 R2 and follow the standard procedure for VM backup settings


At this stage it is important to place the VM actually used (Total disk size) was less available free in the pool DPM (Disk space remaining).

Then press the edit button (Modify) and exhibiting a minimum value for the replica (Replica Volume) and necessary for recovery points (Recovery Point Volume). Push the button OK. Then Next.

Now one of the important moments!

Set the time of creating the first replication with anyreserve.

Next, go through to the last step of the wizard and exit from it , confirming past the last .

2) Another important action on the host to change the registry keys


Create VHD parameter value type Multi_SZ and include a path to a virtual disk file , such as shown in the screenshot below ...

Adding registry key HonorFilesNotToBackup, to activate an exception

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\Agent

3) In the DPM choose the newly created task and click the button to see the details (Click to view details).

Remember the path to the files and open the Disk Manager

Then we find on empty space 100% and make sure that it is desired discs

4) Select the disk for data replicas and perform compression command (Shrink) ...

Sneak peek ... snap Hyper-V Manager how much space VHD (-x) under the system

Choose compressible place, given the remaining, which should be larger than the VHD (-x) with the system (in our example, is more than 38.12 GB 25.6 GB).

Push the button compression (shrink) and get the result .

5) Go to the DPM management console and make an initial replication VM.

As a result of successful replication get zipped VM system only VHD (-x) disk.


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