On this post I will show you​​ how to add a Search Managed Property and use it on your Advanced Search Web Part.

​​​​​First we need to create a cu​​​​​stom list​​​​​​​​.

I've created a custom list named Products and added 3 columns.

-Product Name [Text]

-Product Category [Choice]

-Description [Text]


Once you have created your list ​we will now go to the SharePoint Admin Center​.

In the SharePoint Admin Center click on Search​​ then Manage Search Schema


​​​​You should see a screen like this


​Click on Crawled Properties​​​ then search for the Product Category column. Verify that the column appears​​ and that it has not been mapped to a property yet.

Now go back to Managed Properties and click New Manage Property.​

Define a property name, I have defined Product​​​Category as Property Name​ set everything to default except for the ff. values

-​​Set to Searchable

-Set to ​Queryable

-​​Set to Retrievable

-​Set as Safe​

At the bottom column click on Add Mapping ​​and Search for our Product Category crawled column


Click Ok and now you will have your property mapped. You can now use this mapped property as a property restriction column on your Advanced Search Web Part.​

You can also visit my blog for more information