Series of know issues articles are showing known issue itself about Small Basic and it's workaround. In this article, local means Small Basic IDE environment and remote means<id> environment with internet browser and Silverlight add-in.


Returned text by Controls.GetTextBoxText() contains CR+LF as newline from multi-line text box in local.  But CR in remote.  CR means carriage return.  LF means line feed.

CR = Text.CharacterCode(13)
LF = Text.CharacterCode(10)


Allow both CR+LF and CR for newline.

Sample Programs

Repro Program

KPS036-0 can reproduce this issue.  Enter multi-line text into multi-line text box and push [Dump] button. In local you can see 000D 000A as newline, but in remote you can see only 000D as newline.


VCP992 is a sample to convert multi-line text to array of lines.  Original program is listed in following article and the original doesn't work properly in remote.

Small Basic: How to Convert Multi-Line Text into an Array of Lines

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