The Community Council is a small group of members from both Microsoft and the Community. The Community Council takes responsibility for the following goals and tasks:

  • Represents the Small Basic community as a whole and to Microsoft.
  • Fosters, incubates, and curates the Small Basic community.
  • Collects Small Basic bugs and feature requests, and then represents the community to the Small Basic product v-team.
  • Facilitates community and social opportunities, including the Small Basic MSDN blog, the Facebook page, the Small Basic forum, and other social and community projects. 
  • Helps author Small Basic content and samples. 
The members of the Council are assigned Small Basic Community Council: Focus Areas each month. They can switch or change their Focus Areas each month. These are areas where they try to improve the Small Basic community or content in some way.


Current members include:

Microsoft Employees (4)

  1. Ed Price - Profile
  2. Liz Bander - Profile
  3. Holly Muenchow
  4. Marlene Cota
External (10)
  1. Philip Conrod - Profile
  2. LitDev - Profile
  3. Nonki Takahashi - Profile
  4. Jibba Jabba - Profile
  5. Liam McSherry - Profile
  6. Yan Grenier - Profile
  7. Emanuel Gruengard
  8. John Guerriere
  9. Marcus Twyford
  10. Katelyn Schoedl  
Members join at any time. They leave when they are too busy to continue. There is no limit to the length that a member may serve.

The Community Council hasn't met yet. But the goal will become for the council to meet as required to achieve its goals (such as once a month).

Previous Members


  1. Ray FAST - Profile
  2. Li Xin Xu - Profile
  3. Michael Scherotter - Profile 


  1. Noah - Profile
  2. Gungan37 - Profile
  3. Jadmelio - Profile

How to Become a Member

If you have 1,000 Recognition Points and at least 50 Forum Answers, then we'd like to invite you to become an Answerer in the Small Basic Forum!


  • Remain an Active Answerer for at least 3 weeks (proposing and marking answers).
  • Complete a Small Basic interview with a member of the Small Basic Community Council (which is then posted on the Small Basic MSDN Blog).
  • Complete 30 comments on the Small Basic blog.
These steps help ensure that the community gets to know you!

Microsoft employees who are currently contributing on the Small Basic product v-team are also invited to join the Council. 

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