Issue 1: error code -2146893818


"Windows could not start the IIS Admin Service on Local Computer. For more information review event log. If this is a non-microsoft service contact the service vendor, and refer to the service specific error code -2146893818"


IIS 6 – Windows Server 2003


Machinekey starting with “C23” in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys folder is corrupted and having new created / modified date and time when the issue has been started.


Check and see if you have multiple instances of the “C23” key identified above in the MachineKeys folder.

Check and make sure that the date on that key matches the date from the time when IIS was installed on the server. If the date is newer than the last IIS Install date, then the MachineKey that was used to encrypt the Metabase got lost and you would have to re-Install IIS.

Best and quickest way to slove the problem is to restore the Machinekey starting with “C23” system state backup.

If you don’t have the system backup, then reinstallation of IIS will also fix the issue. Uninstalling and then reinstalling just the "IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility" Role Service also works.

Make sure that the MachineKeys folder has Full Control for both Administrators and System. Make sure that the “C23” key has "Administrators" and "System" Full Control permissions set on it.

 IIS depends upon this key for encryption/decryption of metabase keys. If we do not have the required permissions IISADMIN won't be able to read the configuration from the metabase without this key and hence will fail to start.

Issue 2: error code -2147417831


When starting IIS I'm getting the following error:

Windows could not start the IIS Admin Service on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft  service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code -2147417831


Inetinfo.exe, or the IIS Admin Service Helper, is a part of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) that is used for debugging purposes. IIS is Microsoft's server software.

Killing the Inetinfo.exe from task manager will fix the issue and you will able to start the IIS admin service.


Issue 3: service-specific error 2149648394 (0x8021080A)


The IIS Admin Service service terminated with service-specific error 2149648394 (0x8021080A)

You may meet this error when IIS Admin Service was thrown away after restoring a Windows Server or just after DSKCHK (disk check).


On the Server under C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv and you will find a folder called ”History” folder. This will contain recent backups of the Metabase.XML and MBSchema.XML files. Before continuing with the next steps make sure you have backups of the existing Metabase.xml and MBSchema.xml from C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv first.

Then remove the Metabase.XML and MBSchema.XML files from C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv copy the most recent version of

Metabase_xxxxx_xxxxx.XML and MBSchema_xxxxx_xxxxx.XML files from the “History” folder (where _xxxxx_xxxxx will unique number) to C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv. Don’t forget name the files as Metabase.XML and MBSchema.XML.

Restart the IIS via command line with iisreset.