Introduction - Project Proofreading

If you contribute a new article, you are not a native speaker to the language, and/or you want someone to proofread your article, then please add your content to the TechNet Wiki and prepare best as you can, and then add a link to your TechNet Wiki article below, to let us know.

It is highly recommended to use this option in order to get another perspective on spelling or grammatical mistakes.



* This is not intended to replace your own proofreading, but as an additional step, after the article is ready for viewing!

* You don't have to be a guru in the technology field of the article in order to contribute to the proofreading of articles. You just need to be a native-language speaker and have the desire to help :-)



This article will likely apply the most to non-native-English-speakers who want to write English articles and/or participate in the English TechNet Guru competition. However, this guide could also apply to any other language. We'll know which language you need help with when you post the link below, and someone who is proficient in that language will proofread it for you and make appropriate edits.


Article List for Proofreading

* If you want someone to review your article, then please add it to this list. Keep the same format in order to post a new article.


Article List in process of Proofreading

* If you review an article, then please move to this list first, to prevent duplicate work. Once the finish your work, you can move to the final list, where we can give you the credit for your work

  • Use this format: "Article Name" by "Profile Name" [Language Code] (each hyperlinked to the article and the author profile urls)
  • ...


Article List after Proofreading

* Please move the article from the above list to this list, after proofreading was finished. Keep the same format as the first example:


Thanks to all the review team for your valuable work!