When you deploy a model deployment package, you might encounter any of the following issues.

A large package fails

If the package is large, you should change system settings to accommodate the size. For more information, see Settings for Large Model Deployment Packages (Master Data Services).

The package processes but errors are generated

When you deploy a package, business rules may not be deployed successfully to the destination environment. This issue occurs when the business rules take action based on attribute values and the deployment package does not contain master data.

To fix this issue, you can create the business rules in the destination environment or create a new package that contains the data.

Other errors may occur to indicate that the package file is not valid or the data within it is corrupt. To fix this issue, you can attempt to edit the XML package file or create a new package.

Staging fails

The model deployment process uses staging to process new members and member updates. You may be able to review the staging tables to determine the status of the import. For more information, see:

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