The wbemtest.exe is a tool provided by Microsoft, and it is included on all computers, where ever WMI is present.

We can use this tool to read information about BizTalk product, BizTalk artifacts etc, even your forgotten password that was set on ports like FTP ports. Yes, you can even read the  passwords set on the ports. In general few people forget passwords (or may even want to know the password)  that was set on ports and when you export your binding file, the passwords will  come as ***** in the binding file. We can use wbemtest.exe tool as a work around to read the password. Also we can write our custom queries to extract information about   the BizTalk artifacts.


Follow the steps as it is, For example when i say "double click" you should only double click, should not press Enter key etc.

Go to command prompt and type “wbemtest”

Click on connect, this will open another window. Enter namespace root/MicrosoftBiztalkServer as shown below and click connect.

BizTalk_with_WMI _2

Once connected, it will open a window like below. Now click on “Enum Classes”.

BizTalk_with_WMI _3

This will open a dialog box like below, don’t enter any thing in the text box. Just select “Recursive” option like below and click OK.

BizTalk_with_WMI _4

This will open a window like below. Scroll down until you see BizTalk resources and double click on any one. For our case i choose send ports like below.

Please also note that the names shown here are table names, you can use them in custom queries which we will discuss further. so for example, in our case the table name is MSBTS_SendPort. And now double click on it.

BizTalk_with_WMI _5

This will open a window like below.

BizTalk_with_WMI _6

Now click on “instances”, this will open a window listing all available send ports (it takes few seconds to list them).

BizTalk_with_WMI _7

Now double click on required send port. Since our case is to extract a password, I choose a FTP send port and double click on it. This will open a window like below.

BizTalk_with_WMI _8

Now click on “Show MOF”, this will open a window like below.

BizTalk_with_WMI _9

This is where all the port information is displayed. Scroll down through the window to see all properties. You can extract the password details under PTCustomCfg property. Similarly follow the same steps for other artifacts as well to read the information about them.

Running Custom Queries

You can use wbemtest.exe to run queries. Like I said before, we have to look for the available tables and we can write our custom queries. To execute custom queries, you have to choose "Query" option in the main window. So now click on "Query" button.

BizTalk_with_WMI _3

Once you click on Query button, it shows up a window like below.

Enter some query like above, and click on Apply button. You should get the results.


So depending on the requirement you can use this tool to read the BizTalk artifacts or query the information etc.

See Also

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