Welcome to the Message Analyzer Wiki !

The purpose of this site is to provide the means to discover and share new methods for analyzing network protocol and system messages, by using the tools, assets, and capabilities that Message Analyzer provides.  Please use a topic from the Message Analyzer Operating Guide as seed content, from which to develop new content that is appropriate to any common tasks that you perform, while adding your real world experience. 

Note:  The former user feedback function on this site for the Message Analyzer Operating Guide is retired.  If users want to provide feedback about the Operating Guide topics on TechNet, they can use the Community Additions feature at the end of every topic to make comments, suggestions, or ask questions.  As long as there is no spam or inappropriate content, users will get direct feedback from Microsoft. In the future, we also plan to provide one or more of the following on this site:

  • Frequently asked questions for Network Monitor users.
  • Proposed solutions for some common troubleshooting scenarios that you can try out and contribute to, such as name resolution, HTTP performance, and TCP diagnostics.
  • Instructions about how to create useful Message Analyzer graphic Charts for data visualization; will also link off to working examples.
  • A space for Message Analyzer users to share information about their successes or difficulties in using Message Analyzer assets such as Filters, Viewpoints, View LayoutsTrace Scenarios, Pattern Expressions, Charts, and so on, to resolve real world troubleshooting issues.