You have Continuous Deployments setup or might have just deployed your website on Azure and for some reason, you now need to remote debug your website (ideally on staging).

You can easily do this via Visual Studio 2013 Update 1. This article shows you exactly what you need to do to enable & start remotely debugging your website.


Ensure your web app is deployed to Azure in Debug mode & not in Release mode before you start this process.

Of course, you do need to set your breakpoints in your solution, press F9 key on the line you need your breakpoint:

Attach Debugger

Next, you will need to attach a debugger to the remote process. This is easily accomplished by using the Server Explorer. Navigate to your Website and click Attach Debugger on the context menu:


As soon as you attach the debugger, Visual Studio will go ahead & do its magic & will run the deployed website as well so that you can start your debug process, as easy as that!


Using updated tooling (read Visual Studio) really packs a punch & brings in greater capabilities so that you can easily get "your" work done, in time!



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