Versions and Community Milestones

 Date Event
2008-10-23  V0.1 released / Small Basic Blog started by Vijaye Raji
2008-12-17 V0.2 released
2009-02-10 V0.3 released
2009-04-14 V0.4 released
2009-06-16 V0.5 released
2009-08-19 V0.6 released
2009-10-23 V0.7 released / One year anniversary
2010-02-04 V0.8 released
2010-06-11 V0.9 released
2010-11-17 V0.91 released
2011-02-08 V0.95 released
2011-07-04 Challenge of the Month started in Small Basic Forum by LitDev
2011-07-12 V1.0 released
2012-09-25 Small Basic Blog restarted by Noah Buscher
2012-10-03 Ed Price started to post on the Small Basic Blog
2012-10-17 TechNet Wiki Contest started
2013-06-02 TechNet Guru Monthly Competition for Small Basic started
2014-03-26 Small Basic Community Council started
2014-04-25 Twitter account started
2015-03-27 V1.1 released
2015-04-07 Kinect for Small Basic released
2015-10-01 V1.2 released
2017-08-07 V1.3 released
2018-07-26 Small Basic Website 2.0 & Small Basic Online v0.9 released
2018-09-23 Small Basic Website 2.1 & Small Basic Online v0.91 released

Important Blog Posts

 Date Blog topic
2008-10-23  Hello World - Small Basic Blog started by Vijaye Raji
2008-10-27 Extending Small Basic
2008-11-30 Code Gallery for Small Basic
2008-12-17 Announcing Small Basic v0_2! 
2009-01-20 Small Basic is on Channel 9
2009-02-10 Microsoft Small Basic v0.3 is here
2009-03-16 Small Basic on Facebook
2009-04-14 v0.4 of Small Basic says "Bonjour"
2009-06-16 Small Basic V0.5 is here
2009-08-19 Now available: Small Basic v0.6
2009-10-23 Happy Birthday Small Basic
2009-11-15 Small Basic Programs in 25 lines started in Forum by Coding Cat
2010-02-04 Small Basic v0.8
2010-06-11 Small Basic V0.9 is here!
2010-11-17 Small Basic V0.91 is more international than ever! by Sandra Aldana
2011-02-08 Small Basic v0.95 speaks another language!
2011-07-12 Small Basic 1.0 is here!
2012-09-25 The Blog is Back! by Noah Buscher
2012-10-02 Got ideas for the Small Basic blog? by Ed Price
2012-10-04 Small Basic - The 50 Line Challenge
2012-10-06 Small Basic Program Gallery
2012-10-12 Small Basic Extensions Gallery
2012-10-17 Small Basic - New TechNet Wiki Contest!!!
2012-10-25 Small Basic - Elementary & Middle Students Testimonials
2012-12-03 Small Basic for Little Kids Series #01 – A Typing Game by Ray FAST
2013-02-17 Small Basic Program Gallery - Listed by Category
2013-05-26 Small Basic learning camps at Main Stem Academy - Summer 2013
2013-06-07 Are you the Small Basic Guru for June 2013???
2013-08-05 Small Basic Game Gallery
2014-04-29 Small Basic at the April 2014 TEALS Computer Science Student Field Trip
2014-05-16 How Long should I use Small Basic before taking on a Big language? by Jibba Jabba
2014-06-06 The Small Basic category on TechNet Gallery
2014-06-14 About Monthly Challenge by LitDev
2014-06-23 Small Basic and Office Suite by Nonki Takahashi
2014-07-07 Small Basic - Resources for Game Programming
2014-08-10 Small Basic Marionette - Sign up for the Big Challenge for September 2014!!!
2014-12-26 Should we have a Small Basic International Summit?
2015-03-20 TNWikiSummit15 Presentation: Small Basic Basics
2015-03-23 TNWikiSummit15 Presentation: Small Basic and TechNet
2015-03-18 Le Portail Français du Small Basic est ouvert (fr-FR) by Yan Grainier
2015-03-27 Small Basic 1.1 is here!
2015-04-22 Small Basic - Try out the New Kinect Extension!
2015-05-29 Compact Small Basic Explanation by jadameilo
2015-10-01 Small Basic 1.2 Released with Kinect Support and Bug Fixes by Synergist
2015-10-22 Oculus Rift with Small Basic
2016-03-22 Small Basic - Arduino
2016-03-24 BOOK GIVEAWAY: Win a free copy of our new book, "Learn to Program with Small Basic!"
2016-04-08 Small Basic at the TEALS CS Fair by Liz Hill
2016-07-03 Small Basic - Talking to Raspberry Pi
2017-03-31 Big News! Small Basic available on Windows App Store!
2017-08-07 Small Basic 1.3 available now!
2017-09-04 Small Basic with Xamarin Workbooks by Katelyn Schoedl
2017-09-13 Small Basic + micro:bit
2018-04-27 Small Basic Prime (extended IDE)
2018-07-26 Announcement: Welcome to Small Basic Website 2.0
2018-08-28 NEW RELEASE: Small Basic Online Public Preview (v0.9)
2018-09-23 NEW UPDATES: Small Basic Website 2.1 & Small Basic Online 0.91

Books Published

 Date Book Topic
2009-05-26 Small Basic для начинающих (Russian)
2010-07-01 Beginning Microsoft Small Basic
2010-07-01 Computer Bible Games for Small Basic
2010-07-30 Microsoft Small Basic
2010-09-01 Developer's Reference Guide to Small Basic
2010-09 Basic Computer Games - Small Basic Edition
2011-06-15 はじめての Small Basic (Japanese)
2011-08-02 Small Basic für Kids (German)
2011-09-11 Языки Программирования Для Образования (Russian) [*]
2011-12-10 Small Basic で let's プログラミング (Japanese)
2011-12-31 David Ahl's Small Basic Computer Adv.
2012 Программирование для студентов и школьников на примере Small Basic (Russian)
2012-11-29 Bevezetés a programozásba (Hungarian)
2013-02-18 Programming Home Projects with Small Basic
2013-02-18 Programming Games with Small Basic
2013-08-11 Computer Bible Games for Small Basic (Color Edition)
2013-11-20 Principles of Programming (using Small Basic)
2013-11-24 Teach Your Kids How to Program with Small Basic
2014-01-01 PC Programming - A Small Basic Approach
2014-03-10 Small Basic으로 시작하는 프로그래밍 기초 (Korean)
2014-05-20 어린이 빌게이츠와 함께하는 스몰베이직 프로그래밍 (Korean)
2016-04-01 Learn to Program with Small Basic 

[*] This Russian book contains many program languages including Small Basic.


Official homepage was started in Microsoft DevLabs. And there was a special wiki (not TechNet Wiki) also.


Following screen shots are old homepages.

Small Basic Web on 2008

Small Basic Web on 2010

Small Basic Web on 2011


There was a wiki site in .  Most of the contents in the were moved to TechNet Wiki.

You can see the pages in Internet Archive.

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