Versions and Community Milestones

 Date Event
2008-10-23  V0.1 released / Small Basic Blog started by Vijaye Raji
2008-12-17 V0.2 released
2009-02-10 V0.3 released
2009-04-14 V0.4 released
2009-06-16 V0.5 released
2009-08-19 V0.6 released
2009-10-23 V0.7 released / One year anniversary
2010-02-04 V0.8 released
2010-06-11 V0.9 released
2010-11-17 V0.91 released
2011-02-08 V0.95 released
2011-07-04 Challenge of the Month started in Small Basic Forum by LitDev
2011-07-12 V1.0 released
2012-09-25 Small Basic Blog restarted by Noah Buscher
2012-10-03 Ed Price started to post on the Small Basic Blog
2012-10-17 TechNet Wiki Contest started
2013-06-02 TechNet Guru Monthly Competition for Small Basic started
2014-03-26 Small Basic Community Council started
2014-04-25 Twitter account started
2015-03-27 V1.1 released
2015-04-07 Kinect for Small Basic released
2015-10-01 V1.2 released
2017-08-07 V1.3 released
2018-07-26 Small Basic Website 2.0 & Small Basic Online v0.9 released
2018-09-23 Small Basic Website 2.1 & Small Basic Online v0.91 released
2020-02-15 Small Basic Website 2.2 & Small Basic Online 1.0 announced
2020-10-10 Small Basic on Q&A started instead of Small Basic Forum 
2020-11-05 Small Basic Forum was archived


Important Blog Posts

 Date Blog topic
2008-10-23 Hello World - Small Basic Blog started by Vijaye Raji
2008-10-27 Extending Small Basic
2008-11-30 Code Gallery for Small Basic
2008-12-17 Announcing Small Basic v0_2! 
2009-01-20 Small Basic is on Channel 9
2009-02-10 Microsoft Small Basic v0.3 is here
2009-03-16 Small Basic on Facebook
2009-04-14 v0.4 of Small Basic says "Bonjour"
2009-06-16 Small Basic V0.5 is here
2009-08-19 Now available: Small Basic v0.6
2009-10-23 Happy Birthday Small Basic
2009-11-15 Small Basic Programs in 25 lines started in Forum by Coding Cat
2010-02-04 Small Basic v0.8
2010-06-11 Small Basic V0.9 is here!
2010-11-17 Small Basic V0.91 is more international than ever! by Sandra Aldana
2011-02-08 Small Basic v0.95 speaks another language!
2011-07-12 Small Basic 1.0 is here!
2012-09-25 The Blog is Back! by Noah Buscher
2012-10-02 Got ideas for the Small Basic blog? by Ed Price
2012-10-04 Small Basic - The 50 Line Challenge
2012-10-06 Small Basic Program Gallery
2012-10-12 Small Basic Extensions Gallery
2012-10-17 Small Basic - New TechNet Wiki Contest!!!
2012-10-25 Small Basic - Elementary & Middle Students Testimonials
2012-12-03 Small Basic for Little Kids Series #01 ? A Typing Game by Ray FAST
2013-02-17 Small Basic Program Gallery - Listed by Category
2013-05-26 Small Basic learning camps at Main Stem Academy - Summer 2013
2013-06-07 Are you the Small Basic Guru for June 2013???
2013-08-05 Small Basic Game Gallery
2014-04-29 Small Basic at the April 2014 TEALS Computer Science Student Field Trip
2014-05-16 How Long should I use Small Basic before taking on a Big language? by Jibba Jabba
2014-06-06 The Small Basic category on TechNet Gallery
2014-06-14 About Monthly Challenge by LitDev
2014-06-23 Small Basic and Office Suite by Nonki Takahashi
2014-07-07 Small Basic - Resources for Game Programming
2014-08-10 Small Basic Marionette - Sign up for the Big Challenge for September 2014!!!
2014-12-26 Should we have a Small Basic International Summit?
2015-03-20 TNWikiSummit15 Presentation: Small Basic Basics
2015-03-23 TNWikiSummit15 Presentation: Small Basic and TechNet
2015-03-18 Le Portail Francais du Small Basic est ouvert (fr-FR) by Yan Grainier
2015-03-27 Small Basic 1.1 is here!
2015-04-22 Small Basic - Try out the New Kinect Extension!
2015-05-29 Compact Small Basic Explanation by jadameilo
2015-10-01 Small Basic 1.2 Released with Kinect Support and Bug Fixes by Synergist
2015-10-22 Oculus Rift with Small Basic
2016-03-22 Small Basic - Arduino
2016-03-24 BOOK GIVEAWAY: Win a free copy of our new book, "Learn to Program with Small 
2016-04-08 Small Basic at the TEALS CS Fair by Liz Hill
2016-07-03 Small Basic - Talking to Raspberry Pi
2017-03-31 Big News! Small Basic available on Windows App Store!
2017-08-07 Small Basic 1.3 available now!
2017-09-04 Small Basic with Xamarin Workbooks by Katelyn Schoedl
2017-09-13 Small Basic + micro:bit
2018-04-27 Small Basic Prime (extended IDE)
2018-07-26 Announcement: Welcome to Small Basic Website 2.0
2018-08-28 NEW RELEASE: Small Basic Online Public Preview (v0.9)
2018-09-23 NEW UPDATES: Small Basic Website 2.1 & Small Basic Online 0.91
2020-02-15 NEW UPDATES: Small Basic Website 2.2 & Small Basic Online 1.0

Design and Servers

The first design is named "Small Basic - The Official Blog of Microsoft Small Basic".  The server was  These old type of links will be redirected to ("Archived MSDN and TechNet Blogs" page).

The second design is named "Small Basic - The Official Blog of Small Basic" and was started from March 2016.  The server was  Each link of these posts will redirected to the same article archived in

The third design is named just "Small Basic Blog" and was started from February 20, 2019.  The server is  Articles before February 20, 2019 were moved from old blog but without comments.

Books Published

 Date Book Topic
2009-05-26 Small Basic для начинающих (Russian)
2010-07-01 Beginning Microsoft Small Basic
2010-07-01 Computer Bible Games for Small Basic
2010-07-30 Microsoft Small Basic
2010-09-01 Developer's Reference Guide to Small Basic
2010-09 Basic Computer Games - Small Basic Edition
2011-06-15 はじめての Small Basic (Japanese)
2011-08-02 Small Basic für Kids (German)
2011-09-11 Языки Программирования Для Образования (Russian) [*]
2011-12-10 Small Basic で let's プログラミング (Japanese)
2011-12-31 David Ahl's Small Basic Computer Adv.
2012 Программирование для студентов и школьников на примере Small Basic (Russian)
2012-11-29 Bevezetés a programozásba (Hungarian)
2013-02-18 Programming Home Projects with Small Basic
2013-02-18 Programming Games with Small Basic
2013-08-11 Computer Bible Games for Small Basic (Color Edition)
2013-11-20 Principles of Programming (using Small Basic)
2013-11-24 Teach Your Kids How to Program with Small Basic
2014-01-01 PC Programming - A Small Basic Approach
2014-03-10 Small Basic으로 시작하는 프로그래밍 기초 (Korean)
2014-05-20 어린이 빌게이츠와 함께하는 스몰베이직 프로그래밍 (Korean)
2016-04-01 Learn to Program with Small Basic 

[*] This Russian book contains many program languages including Small Basic.


Official homepage was started in Microsoft DevLabs. And there was a special wiki (not TechNet Wiki) also.


Following screen shots are old homepages.

Small Basic Web 0.1 on 2008

Small Basic Web 0.8 on 2010

Small Basic Web 1.0 on 2011

Small Basic Web 2.0 on 2018

Small Basic Web 2.1 on 2018


There was a wiki site in .  Most of the contents in the were moved to TechNet Wiki.

You can see the pages in Internet Archive.

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