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The objective of this article is to document known issues in  the latest release of Azure AD Sync.


Changing the Password of the Account that Connects to AD DS

You need to deactivate and reactivate password synchronization on you Azure AD Sync computer if the following is true:

  • Password synchronization is enabled on your Azure AD Connect computer.
  • The password of the account used  to connect to AD DS has been changed using the user interface.


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Running Azure AD Sync Manually

By design, Azure AD Sync performs its operations using a scheduled task.
If you want to run an import and synchronization manually, you must run the Full Synchronization run profile to avoid running into processing issues.

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Synchronization Manager

The following are known issues in conjunction with the Synchronization Manager:

  • The metaverse designer will not show all attributes as indexed even if they are.
  •  In particular, when configuration is made through PowerShell, these attributes will not show up as indexed.
  •  Exporting and importing server configuration between servers is not working as expected because not all configuration settings are exported.

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Sync Rule Editor

The following lists considerations in conjunction with the Sync Rule Editor:

  • The Sync Rule editor should be considered a “Resource Kit Utility” and does not represent the final product.
  •  All attribute names and functions are case sensitive.
  •  If the case on the attribute or function name does not match it will show as if the attribute/function does not exist.

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