This article shows Small Basic default values for properties and so on.

Default Values

Property Value
Clock.Date N/A
Clock.Day N/A
Clock.ElapsedMilliseconds N/A
Clock.Hour N/A
Clock.Millisecond N/A
Clock.Minute N/A
Clock.Month N/A
Clock.Second N/A
Clock.Time N/A
Clock.WeekDay N/A
Clock.Year N/A
Controls.LastClickedButton ""
Controls.LastTypedTextBox ""
Desktop.Height N/A
Desktop.Width N/A
File.LastError ""
GraphicsWindow.BackgroundColor "#FFFFFF"
GraphicsWindow.BrushColor "#6A5ACD"
GraphicsWindow.CanResize "True"
GraphicsWindow.FontBold "True"
GraphicsWindow.FontItalic "False"
GraphicsWindow.FontName "Tahoma"
GraphicsWindow.FontSize 12
GraphicsWindow.Height 441
GraphicsWindow.LastKey "None"
GraphicsWindow.LastText N/A
GraphicsWindow.Left N/A
GraphicsWindow.MouseX 0
GraphicsWindow.MouseY 0
GraphicsWindow.PenColor "#000000"
GraphicsWindow.PenWidth 2
GraphicsWindow.Title "Small Basic Graphics Window"
GraphicsWindow.Top N/A
GraphicsWindow.Width 624
Math.Pi 3.14159265358979
Mouse.IsLeftButtonDown "False"
Mouse.IsRightButtonDown "False"
Mouse.MouseX N/A
Mouse.MouseY N/A
Program.ArgumentCount N/A
Program.Directory N/A
TextWindow.BackgroundColor "Black"
TextWindow.CursorLeft 0
TextWindow.CursorTop 0
TextWindow.ForgroundColor "Gray"
TextWindow.Left N/A
TextWindow.Title N/A
TextWindow.Top N/A
Timer.Interval 100000000
Turtle.Angle 0
Turtle.Speed 5
Turtle.X 320
Turtle.Y 240


Method (Before setting) Value Note 
Controls.SetSize (textbox) 160, 22  
Controls.SetSize (button) 12, 26 with null caption
Shapes.SetOpacity 100  

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