Last  BUILD, Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC, which includes the new Windows Phone 8.1 SDK.

I am very impressive with windows phone 8.1 emulator features which will going to explain in this post

In this post we’ll look at the new Windows Phone 8.1 emulator and how it is an enabler for building better applications.

For more info comment on this post at windows phone 8.1 features

1)Number of different emulator images available:


2)Beaty of emulator 8.1 :

See in this image on right side there is 3 options:

  • volume
  • unlock/lock screen
  • Camera

3)App list with sticky headers :

Here observe app list with Scrolling up, Notice how the group header "c" pushes "b"

4)Notification Center feature:

The first major update to Windows Phone 8 is action center. A highly requested Notification Center feature will be included with Windows Phone 8.1

Action Center will allow you to quickly access the settings pages like Airplane mode, Wi-Fi Settings, Bluetooth settings etc. from a native app. This will also report you about alerts, non-toast notifications, update histories etc.Now we can able to open/close action center by drag screen from top 


Now default skype app is available on windows phone 8.1 emulator

6)Albums with Onedrive & camera roll on emulator:


This is major update having sync option with onedrive photos and documents

7) Camera on emulator:

Now emualtor support campera option .we can camera by tapping on bottom right option from emulator

8) FM Radio on emulator:

Really it is good option for enable fm radio from emulator

9) Ability to remove background apps on emulator:

When hold on back button,we will get background apps with close button.So that we can close apps by tap on close mark.

10)Lock/Unlock Screen on emulator:

11)Theme background with selected Image 


Its quite interesting feature is now we can able to change theme background with selected image

Note:There is many more options are available with windows phone 8.1 emulator.And i am really sorry to end this post without explanation of remaining features.So that please be fast and install Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to see more features on 8.1.

And please find more  my MSDN Code sample


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