Welcome again. In this tutorial we would have a look at Application Bar and TextBox's Input scope

  1. Application Bar in 2 Minutes
  2. Setting Input Scope and ReadOnly  property for Text Box within a minute.

Application Bar

ApplicationBar is most vital part of an application. Blend enables the developer to create it's own Application Bar for windows phone just on a single click. You need not to write bunch of XAML for your application bar, nor you have to learn difficult tags of XAML. Just a click and you are good to go.

  • Make a new project. 
  • Go to Objects and Timeline 
  • Click on Main Page
  • Go in to  Properties tab that is aside the DATA tab.
  • There would be option for Application Bar, Click on NEW and you are done.
  • In Objects and Timeline you would now be able to see App Bar ,
    Right Click on it and generate AppBarIconButtons or AppBarMenuItem on a single click and edit it's
    values from properties.
  • Your Application Bar is ready.
Here are few screen dumps for the process.

Setting Input Scope of TextBox and other Properties

 Not only application Bar  but also you can now edit the scope of your text box. If you want to make it's scope to email address, URL, number , alphabets only . The keyboard will change accordingly. Input Scope is really valuable property for each of the application.
  • Select The text box from Objects and Timeline
  • Go to The properties tab
  • Select , Input Scope property and change that accordingly.
Here are few screen dumps for that process.

Thank you for reading it.

See you people next time with Navigation and Designing the layout. Till then, happy coding.!

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