Shashank Singh( Shanky) is Microsoft MVP and Technet Wiki ninja who likes working on  Microsoft Azure, SQL Server internals, SQL Server memory and SQL Server installation. Shashank loves assisting users who need help in SQL Server through various kinds of SQL Server forum  . Shashank also write articles on Technet Wiki and is known Wiki Ninja. He has won multiple gold medal for his contribution to Technet Wiki. He is currently  working as Azure Architect.

You can find Shashank actively participating on SQL Server forum giving answer to challenging questions and participating in interesting discussion. Apart from MSDN forum he also be found giving answer on Stackexchange and SQLTeamForum.

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List of SQL Server articles created

1. How to transfer records from SQL server to Postgres
2. Understanding Lock escalation
3. what does log truncations counter value in dmv os performace counters signify.
4 When using DBCC SHRINKFILE can we use TRUNCATEONLY option for log files
5. SQL server memory and troubleshooting
6.Understanding Logging in Tempdb is it recreated or rebuilt after SQL Server starts
7.Installation error Unable to find database engine startup handle
8.Curious case of logging in Online and offline index rebuild in full recovery model
9SQL Server: What does Column Compressed Page Count Value Signify in DMV Sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats ?
10. SQL Server:There is DMV to Find Page Split
11. How to install SQL Server 2012 SP2 on SQL Server standalone machine
12. An Examination of Logging in Truncate Table Statement and Its Comparison With Delete Statement
13. Why is Index still fragmented even after rebuild
14. Do Not Refer to Buffer Pool value in Dbcc Memorystatus and Counter SQL Server Buffer Manager: Target pages
15. Ways of improving user experience with MSDN forums
16. Does SQL Server backup operation uses parallelism
17. Should we move Resource database in SQL Server ? 
18. What Does Fragmentation means For Heap Tables in SQL Server

List of Microsoft Azure Articles

1. Azure Managed Instance: Configure P2S VPN Using Certificates and Connect to SQL managed Instance from On-premise Machine.
2. Azure ARM Template: How to deploy Azure VM using ARM template and PowerShell

SQL Server MVP

Shashank was first awarded SQL Server Data Platform MVP in October  2014 and since then he is Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Awards and Interview

Shashank has won 5 Gold medal , 5 Silver medal and 2 Bronze medal in Technet Wiki Guru awards which are organized every month.
Here is interview with Wiki Ninja and SQL Server guru Shanky_621

Online Groups

You can find Shashank actively participating in SQL Server question answer and discussion on following Facebook User groups

MSSQLWIKI Facebook Group
SQL Server Network Facebook Group
India MVP User group
Caribbean SQL Facebook Group
PASS Facebook Group


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