Would you like to become a leader in the Small Basic Community? Well, a true leader is someone who is involved, and what the definition of leadership might be is something that you'll need to define for yourself. But we've provided a few ways to get involved!

For Small Basic, we built a reward ecosystem that gets you recognition. There are two sides of that... Accomplishments and Responsibilities. 


First, we show off your accomplishments in the Small Basic community in several different ways. After you make some contributions...
  1. We'll feature your program, extension, or Wiki article on the Small Basic blog!
  2. We reward you with Profile Recognition for accomplishments in the Forum, Wiki (for articles you create or edit about Small Basic), and Gallery (for programs, extensions, and white papers you upload there and share). 
  3. We hold the monthly Small Basic TechNet Guru Awards to celebrate great TechNet Wiki articles about Small Basic!


  1. Forums: If you have 50 Answers and 1,000 Recognition Points, we'll offer you the role of Answerer in the Small Basic Forum. You would help us propose answers.
  2. Forums: If you propose answers and mark them 7 days later, at least once a week or so for about two months, then we'll offer you the role of Moderator. You would help us move, merge, and split threads, as well as manage spam and any other issues. 
  3. Wiki: If you have authored 5 articles about Small Basic and have at least 30 article edits, you will be invited to our Small Basic Wiki Moderation Team
  4. Council: Future Small Basic Community Council members are invited from the three roles above, if they're interested in helping further at least one of our council Focus Areas.