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This Wiki is based on TechNet Wiki Forum Post: Error in WCF-WSHttp Adapter


After installation of  BizTalk Server 2013 and ESB Toolkit, while trying to run ESB.ExceptionHandlingServices.WCF service from IIS, below Exception occurred:

The Messaging Engine failed to register the adapter for "WCF-WSHttp" for the receive location "/Test/TransformationService.svc". Please verify that the receive location exists, and that the isolated adapter runs under an account that has access to the BizTalk databases.

Making sure the AppPool under which the BizTalk Web Service was running had the same account as the Isolated Host Instance. Also the "ESB.TransformServices.WCF" service was working fine with the same account.

By further digging down it was found that no receive location exists in Microsoft.Practices.ESB Application. 


Choose "Use Default Binding" option in "Enable ESB Core Components in BizTalk Server" while configuring ESB Tool.

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