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Azure AD Cloud App Discovery enables IT to easily determine the list of cloud apps that are used in an organization.

IT can then take steps to integrate the applications with Azure Active Directory.

For more details, see Azure AD Cloud App Discovery - Frequently Asked Questions.




Released 05/30/2016
Changes Security update (SSL Pinning).

SSL Pinning increases the security level of communication between CAD Agents and CAD backend servers, in order to prevent attacks such as Man in the Middle. If your organization is using a proxy with TLS interception, this would interfere with SSL Pinning, and therefore will prevent CAD Agents from establishing communication with CAD backend servers.

To ensure uninterrupted communication between CAD Agents and CAD backend servers, your organization will need to add an exception to prevent your proxy from inspecting traffic for https://policykeyservice.dc.ad.msft.net/.

  • If your organization uses Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) to manage proxy configuration, see Excluding sources and destinations from HTTPS inspection.
  • For WebSense, see SSL decryption bypass.
  • Alternatively, if you use a PAC file (Proxy Auto Configuration) to manage proxy configuration, please tweak your file to add https://policykeyservice.dc.ad.msft.net/ as an exception URL.



Released 03/02/2016
Changes Bug fixes, security and stability improvements.

Added an ability to collect anonymous agent health information.

Note that this release has a new pre-requisite for Windows 7 machines, 

to install .NET Framework 4.5.


Release 0.9.37

Released 09/03/2015
Changes Introduced user consent feature, which allows an IT administrator to request user consent when the agent is installed on an end-user machine.

Improved auto-update mechanism in certain rare cases.

Various bug fixes and stability improvements.


Release 0.9.29

Released 06/15/2015
Changes Improved quality of data collected via deep inspection.


Release 0.9.28

Released 05/28/2015
Changes Fixed multiple security issues affecting deep inspection. We advise all customers to upgrade their agents immediately.


Release 0.9.26

Released 05/04/2015
Changes General Availability release.


Release 0.9.16

Released 03/03/2015
Changes Fixed system crash (bluescreen) on some machine configurations.

Improved agent behavior when deploying via Group Policy or customized Windows images.


Release 0.9.15

Released 02/02/2015
Changes New functionality added to check certificate revocation. By default, settings in IE you configure for certificate revocation are applied.


Release 0.9.14

Released 11/20/2014
Changes Fix: Compatibility issue with ADFS.


Release 0.9.13

Released 09/30/2014
Changes Fix: Agent support for your computer's system proxy settings.


Release 0.9.11

Released 09/04/2014
Changes Fixed performance issue causing processes to launch with a delay when the Endpoint Agent was running.

Improved usage data when the Endpoint Agent is running on machines using a proxy server.


Release 0.9.10

Released 08/13/2014
Changes New: You can select from which app categories you want data to be collected by the agent.  Support for deploying the agent in organizations that use proxies.  Content-types and referral URLs from web requests detection which improve usage data.


Release 0.9.6

Released 07/23/2014
Changes New: You can now configure automatic updates.


Release 0.9.5

Released 05/29/2014
Changes Fixed issue that could cause the Endpoint Agent to leak resources causing memory footprint to slowly increase over time.


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