Error message

Event viewer

 "Not Able to Fail over the Cluster Resources in Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and in the event logs Event ID 1207 and 1196 will be Recorded, Crypto error will be recorded in the cluster log:

Error In cluster Log:

0000133c::-18:04:19.889 WARN  [CM] Failed to open crypto key container '1\Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0\-Netname Resource Data', error 2148073494.  Will attempt to create.

Event id 1196 Cluster network name resource 'Network Name s365d2soracle' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:

Event id 1207 Failover Clustering

Description : Cluster network name resource Resource Name cannot be brought online. The computer object associated with the resource could not be updated in domain Domain Name for the following reason


Security Permission is not Proper on the Machine Key folder.



  1.  %SystemRoot%\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys
  2. The default owner of this folder and files contained within this folder should belong to the 'Local Administrators' group. If you try and access this folder, AND you are logged on as a local admin AND you get an 'access denied', you need to change the ownership of the folder/files back to Local Administrators.
  3. Perform the same steps to all the cluster nodes
  4. 4. restart it and check the fail over.