Contacts always play an important role in our life and thus become one of the basic needs in the play of communication. Same thing applied on Microsoft Outlook. As it is also a communication device. Thus below is the complete guide to import contacts in Outlook.
Import contacts from excel to Outlook
There are two main way by the help of which user can import contacts in all outlook profile and use them so that user can use contacts in Outlook easily

(i)                  Import contacts from excel file

  • Open your excel file and create your excel file first column of all the attributes like (Name, email address, phone no).
  • Click on file à Save As.
  • Now in save as drop down click on .CSV (Comma separated value) option and save it in your desirable location.
  • Open your Outlook
  • Click on File -> Import & Export -> Import from another program or file -> Next -> Comma separated values (Windows) -> Next.
  • Click on Browse and select Excel file and then click on next and again on click on Finish.

All your contacts will be shown in your contacts folder in outlook and from now onward you can send email any of your contact and you don't want to learn there mail id and information easily. You can get in touch with them simply.
Second way to configure contacts in your outlook profile is with the help of vCard(.vcf) File which is the basic format of contacts file and can be used in any of the device. This is the reason most of the people are able to use vCard in different device and get their access easily.

(ii)                Import contacts from vCard

·         Open your Outlook and then click on File option

·         Click on Import and export and then click on “Import from vCard file” and then click on next.

·         Click on browse and select excel file and then click on next and then click on Finish

With the help of these you can import your vCard (.vcf) file and if you are confused that how you can convert an excel file to vCard file format because when you converted your contacts in vCard format, than you can use them in your mobile phones, windows operating system, Outlook and many another devices and application as well. Then you can use any of the free download tools like and use them easily.