Series of know issues articles are showing known issue itself about Small Basic and it's workaround. In this article, local means Small Basic IDE environment and remote means internet browser environment with Silverlight add-in.


Following four operations play sounds and wait for them in local but not in remote.

  • Sound.PlayBellRingAndWait()
  • Sound.PlayChimeAndWait()
  • Sound.PlayChimesAndWait()
  • Sound.PlayClickAndWait()


So in remote insert delay after these operations as follows.

delay = "first=30;BellRing=1950;Chime=2780;Chimes=810;Click=200;"
If silverlight Then
  Program.Delay(delay["first"] + delay["BellRing"])

Sample Program

  • Preset Sound Test 0.11 PPJ287-0 - This program reproduces this known issue.
  • Measure Preset Sound Duration RWR532 - This program can measure preset sound duration for workaround.
  • Workaround Sample QSD958 - This is a sample workaround for this known issue.

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