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HTTP 500 Internal Server Error in SharePoint 2013.


Issue with one of web site created.

Issue: Website cannot display the page due to HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Tried to open SharePoint Central Administration to see if the same error message appears. Was able to open Central Administration without any errors.

Opened IIS Manager to make sure SharePoint – 80 Application Pool was running and noticed that SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool application pool was stopped.

Started SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool application pool, refreshed the SharePoint site but that did not resolve the issue. Opened IIS manager and noticed.that SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool was stopped again.

Checked the IIS events log to see what’s the issue with SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool application pool.

The IIS event log showed Warning ID 5021:

The identity of application pool SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool is invalid. The user name or password that is specified for the identity may be incorrect, or the user may not have batch logon rights. If the identity is not corrected, the application pool will be disabled when the application pool receives its first request. If batch logon rights are causing the problem, the identity in the IIS configuration store must be changed after rights have been granted before Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) can retry the logon. If the identity remains invalid after the first request for the application pool is processed, the application pool will be disabled. The data field contains the error number.

In order to resolve this problem we navigated back to IIS Manager:

SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool application pool > Advanced Settings.


Navigated to the Identity option.


Updated the user’s credentials and clicked OK.

Performed iisreset.

Opened IIS Manager again to check if it worked. SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool was now started and didn’t stop anymore.

The SharePoint 2013 site was working again!

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Note: If you find a different solution, please report it as a comment to this post. This will be useful to the SharePoint Community. Be sure to double-verify it: undo your solution and verify that the problem comes back, then redo it and verify that the problem goes away.

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