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Skype is the most well known for it's face-to-face video chat capabilities and secondarily known for being able to just call someone over a computer's Internet connection, thus being able to bypass phone costs, phone time, and data usage. However, Skype also includes the feature of instant messaging. In a world where many other companies also have versions of instant messaging, forums, live-chat rooms (bulletin boards), discussion groups, and live personal message (PM) chats, Skype's chat features still stand out from the rest! See Skype: Messaging Features.


Here's how to edit a post:
  1. Identify the post you want to edit. 
  2. Right-click the post to open the Context Menu.
  3. Click Edit. This pops the text down into your message box. 
    • If the Edit option isn't available, it means that your post was made over 90 minutes ago. This feature (and the Delete feature) is only enabled for 90 minutes. That's to prevent people from changing the meaning of important conversations far down the line.
  4. Make the edits.
  5. Press Enter, or click Send.
It's done! Say goodbye to your typoes!

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