The Relationships feature of a list of the current build of Office 365's SharePoint Online  does not work on all pages.

This article shows where the Relationships option will work using an example. The trick is to use the List Page itself.


I have built two lists as follows.

HR list - This list has Employee ID, Department, Date Of Hire, Position and Full Name. Below is a screenshot of the list settings.

Facilities - This list has Title, Employee Name, Security Level and Employee ID. The Employee Name and Employee ID are the lookup columns. Below are screenshots

A scenario where Relationships WILL NOT work.

I have built a page and added it to the Site Pages folder. Below is the screenshot of the new page

In this page I have added the HR list. After selecting the list I see options associated with this list. On the Web Part ribbon I see the Relationships option, however, in spite of attempting to select anyone of them several times, they do not appear on the page. Below is the screenshot of the HR list in the Test Page. I have also provided a screenshot of the Relationships.

A scenario where Relationships Will work.

Go to the HR List and edit the page. Select the HR list.  On the Web part ribbon, select any one of the related list options. You will now see the relationship list show up right below the HR list.

I have also built a video which walks you through the two scenarios described above.

(Click Here to view the high resolution video)