This page serves as an active repository of article suggestions for which there is no existing article.  If contributing to this list, please add the title as an article reference and, optionally, a brief summary of the article's scope and purpose.  The title should contain, or start with, "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" according to the community-approved terminology schema mentioned in the [[Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview|Overview]].

As articles are created and satisfy these outstanding recommendations, they should be reviewed and pushed into circulation throughout the Wiki, wherever relevant.

Article Recommendations


 Article Title/Stub

 Article Summary

 Understanding Cascading Events in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Should discuss the types of events that can cascade, the various cascading options, and cascading pitfalls to avoid.

 How To:  Use Searching with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lookups

 Should present a graphical guide to populating Lookup field values using in-field and dialog-based searching; perhaps also touch on customizations for altering attributes being searched.

 Understanding Entity Relationships in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Should dissect the 3 provided relationship types (1:N, N:1, N:N), and explain how to utilize them in reporting and customization.

 How To:  Use Record Status in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Should examine various approaches and methodologies for using the status of records within CRM to indicate progress, process, or state.  Should also explain how to customize, and where custom entities and system entities differ.

 Improve Your Data Analysis With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Should examine the value of capturing data outside of "required" fields, and how cross-pollination of records by users in disparate roles can improve collaborative analysis.  Perhaps also worth touching on the merits of finer data constructs, like replacing Picklists with Lookups for non-static value sets.

 How To:  Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Offline

 Should cover the use of the CRM for Outlook client for offline purposes, how to secure data, synchronize it, and optimize the local data-set for size.

 How To:  Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Task Management

 Should cover the basic use of various types of activities within CRM, how to tie them with Outlook, and perhaps a thorough explanation of Services, Employee Schedules, and the Service Calendar.

 How To:  Locate Inactive Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Covers the deficiencies of the Quick Find to locate specific inactive records (via search), and alternate approaches that can be taken to discover them.

 How To:  Accelerate Data Entry with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Should cover various methods of inputting data to CRM with speed, from "Save and New" to data imports.

 Customizable Limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Should cover supported methods of updating limitations, such as AggregateQueryRecord or Uploading Attachment size.

 Marketing Campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 A quick, newcomer-based explanation and tutorial for using Campaigns.

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Calendar

 A quick, newcomer-based explanation and tutorial of the Service Calendar.

Release Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Recommendations on how to organise development and testing in Microsoft CRM 2011 using managed and unmanaged solutions, multiple databases, automatic builds, etc. Team development, source control, ISV development vs. customers projects, horizontal vs. vertical.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Transaction Management A quick tutorial regarding new transaction management features available in Microsoft CRM 2011 platform.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Bulk Delete Wizard Quickly and easily remove data in bulk using this easy tool