It sometimes becomes necessary to remove the SSA component from a machine that has FCS installed. The following steps walkthrough creating a MOM task that can be ran against FCS clients that have the MOM agent installed.

First create the task, then run it on the agent.

Using the MOM Administrator console

  • Expand 'Management Packs', right-click 'Tasks' and choose 'Create Task...'
  • In the Create Task Wizard, choose Next
    • On Task Run Location and Type, choose
      • Run location: Agent-managed computer
      • Task type: Command-line
    • On Task Configuration (method), choose
      • Use secure command line invocation
      • Enter the application name: msiexec.exe
    • On Task Configuration (target role), choose
      • Target Role: Computer
      • Task command line: /x {2AB5A838-9DAC-45F5-8EC2-019DDDC4B4F6} /quiet
      • Task remote start directory: %SYSTEMROOT%\temp
      • Task output behavior: Capture standard output. Run task for up to 5 minutes.
    • On Task Name and Description, choose
      • Name: SSA Uninstall
      • Description: Uninstalls FCS SSA
    • Click Finish

Running the task on the agent

Open the MOM Operator Console

  • In the left hand pane near the bottom choose Computers and Groups (the "Go" drop down menu can also be used)
  • In the left hand pane near the top highlight 'Computers'
  • In the main 'Computers' windows, highlight the computer you want to run the task on
  • In the left hand "Tasks" pane (click the Tasks button on the toolbar to open if you don't see it) the SSA Uninstall Task you created should be listed
    • Click on the SSA Uninstall task
  • The Launch Task Wizard should open, choose...
    • Next
    • Next
    • Confirm the computer you want to Uninstall SSA on is listed and checked, choose Next
    • Finish

The task will execute on the specified computer and generate a Microsoft Operations Manager Event ID 22078 in the Application log.

Note: There are three possible product ID's for SSA

  • {e8b56b38-a826-11db-8c83-0011430c73a4}
  • {5343BE4E-B247-41D0-B81D-4E7C55460910}
  • {2AB5A838-9DAC-45F5-8EC2-019DDDC4B4F6}