Meaning of the word environment variables. The most common value "path" is known as. Several other variables  are as follows:

- The% TEMP%

All of these values​​,"path" refers to. Of the operating system, installed programs to assist in the detection of vardır.dat See the link for more information:

Now you these values​​, sent to the client computer via group policy will explain. 

To the application via Group Policy

This process prior to Windows Server 2008 operating systems, with several script files could be performed. Later, Microsoft Group Policy Management Console, this process is carried on. In our example application, Internet Explorer will define the path of the Environment Variable. 


• This rule is applied on the computer. For this reason, the computers to which the rule applies, the rule will occur're moving into OU. 

• GPMC on a client computer does not have a communication problem between the server're careful. 

• Define the value we previously unidentified sure we're on the client computers. 

• After preparing Policy, policy need to add computers to the security options.

​Create Policy

1 - Create a new GPO in this domain, and give a name to this rule. 

2 - Right-click the rule that you created, and the Group Policy Object Editor Editor want to hit the open. 

3 - Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Preferences -  Environments section. 

4 - Right-click - New - Environment Variable

​Action : Create

Type : User Variable

Name : Give a name without space characters.

Value : % PROGRAMFILES% as the way we tell our program. 

Apply & OK.


After these operations, for the client computer "Logoff" and "Logon".


This feature is commonly used in some applications and web server. Especially with Apache Tomcat and Java team if we have an application running, we need to make these types of operations.