This article explains about Dictionary object in Small Basic programming language.

Dictionary Object

Dictionary object has following 16 operations.  GetDefinitionInFrench operation has made obsolete in Small Basic 1.2.  Other operations than GetDefinition have been added in Small Basic 1.2.

  • GetDefinition
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToFrench
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToGerman
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToItalian
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToJapanese
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToKorean
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToSimplifiedChinese
  • GetDefinitionEnglishToTraditionalChinese
  • GetDefinitionFrenchToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionGermanToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionItalianToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionJapaneseToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionKoreanToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionSimplifiedChineseToEnglish
  • GetDefinitionTraditionalChineseToEnglish

Recommended Font

For Dictionary objects, "MS Reference Sans Serif" font is good to show pronunciation symbols in the definitions.  But this font is included in Microsoft Office.  Sample code is uploaded as ZRS542.

Sample Program

  • Dictionary 1.2b (ZRS542-0) - Sample program for new Dictionary operations in Small Basic 1.2.

Known Issues

  • In Small Basic 1.0 and 1.1, Dictionary object sometimes returns "" from June 2014. (Works well in July and September 2014). A forum thread shows a workaround with LitDev Extension for this known issue.
  • Dictionary object operations show error "Cannot find object 'Dictionary'." in remote (as Silverlight application on program listing server in a web browser).

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