Calculator Sample in WCF ’ VB


This is a simple calculator that contains four basic mathematical functions for common calculation. We will create a simple [service contract], Which in turn contains four [operation Contract] of each calculator function.  After completing WCF service successfully we will use it in Windows Application and in same way to Web application.

So let’s start the WCF service.


Step 1: Start Visual studio 2010 and click->File->new->Project


Step 2: This will open a new dialog box select->WCF->WCF service Application and give appropriate name to your service and Click on OK button.


Step3: Now you have opened the solution explorer click on IService1.vb and delete all the code, what it contain by default. And write your own code as give below


Step4: Write down the code for contracted methods and interface Implements in the Service1.svc service class

Step 5: Configure the endpoint of this service in the web.config file as.

Step 6: Build and run the service as in usual way as you does in other projects of Visual studio. The following output will be display.


If you reach at this output stage, it means you have created service successfully. Otherwise something is wrong in your project.

Now if you want to see the Meta data what was exchange by the service, the use red rounded click to do so.

 Ok now we assume you have created the service successfully, so the next step is how to use the service that was created.

Communicating with WCF using WINDOWS Application


Step1: Take a simple window application and design the GUI as in given figure.

Step:2: Add the service references in your project that was created by you above.

To do this click on project  menu and click on  Add Service Reference.

Step3: Now you have opened a new dialog box, enter the service address or click discover button to locate the service and click on ok button.

Now you can see the service references are added in your solution explorer, now you can use all the service contracts under this service referenced and (depends on what endpoint defined in service)

Step4: Write down the following code in your program for consuming service provided by the WCF.


Step5: Make your windows project as startUp project .


Step6: Build and run the project, and see the output.

You run and test your application for all 4 functions. I hope you learn the basic programming with WCF and, how to use it in any application.

The same concept you can use to with web Application. So you should to try this sample in web Application by yourself.