The Forefront Identity Manager Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped.  Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.


 Many times, a disconnect between the SQL administrators and FIM administrators can develop; one such disconnect occurred today.  The SQL administrator noted that the FIM administrators SQL DB was filling up most of the drive and was beginning to throw warnings to the system administrators.


The SQL administrator took swift action and simply moved the FIM Service DB to another LUN.  He let the FIM Administrator know and the FIM Admin began double-checking his FIM environment.


He noted that he was unable to get into the Portal and worse, the Portal would not even start.  After doing some checking he noted that the FIM Service would not start.  After a round of troubleshooting, I determined that the Broker Service was not set to True on the FIM Service DB.

 What is the Broker Service?

 SQL Broker Service was introduced in SQL 2005 and is a methodology to guarantee deliver of messages both internally and externally to other processes. In short, it helps messaging based applications maintain the correct sequence.  More about SQL Broker Service can be found HERE.

By going into the Properties of the FIM Service DB and looking at Options and Service Broker, we noted that the Broker Enabled was set to False.

 To resolve the issue, we followed these steps:

  1. Open SQL Management Studio

  2. Connect to the instance of SQL that contains the FIM Service DB

  3. Right-click on the FIM Service DB

  4. Select Properties

  5. Click on Options

  6. Scroll down to Service Broker

  7. Changed Broker Enabled from "False" to "True"