BizTalk connects with SAP in the following 3 ways. Below sections explains the details of achieving the connection of each type.
  • One-way Communication – Receive IDOC from “SAP to BizTalk”
  • One-way Communication – Send IDOC from “BizTalk to SAP”
  • Request Response using BAPIs and custom BAPIs ( ZBAPIs)

Approach 1: One-way Communication – Receive IDOC from “SAP to BizTalk”


  • Refer High Level Design – Diagram 1.0 for the overview.
  • BizTalk receives the IDOC message usign SAP adapter and apply the following functionality as needed
    • Transformation
    • Workflow
    • Routing
  • Refer below snapshots for creating the interface in BizTalk application.

Information From SAP Basis Team

  • IDOC Information  -
    • IDOC TYPE           -  MATMAS05
    • Username / Password  with privilages to access the IDOC mentioned above.
      • For Model, we used “sapuser/ initpass”
      • SAP Connection Information –

Connection String: sap://CLIENT=100;LANG=EN;@a/HYPLABSSECC01/00?ListenerGwServ=sapgw00&ListenerGwHost=

Configuration Parameters:

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