Community is hard to build, but surprisingly easy to destroy. Microsoft is trusting all of us to do the right thing on this Wiki.

Things that will destroy or prevent formation of community include (but not limited too):

  1. Disrespect.
    • Failure to acknowledge the thoughts and opinions of others.
    • Asking for feedback then ignoring it.
    • Editing without leaving edit comments to explain why.
    • Trampling over expressed expectations.
    • Not doing what you say you will do.
    • Republishing content you don't own, under your own name without proper source reference
    • Violation of international privacy and copyright legislation
  2. Allowing inappropriate user behavior and content to go unaddressed.
    • Spam unchecked.
    • Abusive or inappropriate comments left unaddressed.
  3. Opacity, meaning not sharing wiki governance information. “Security through obscurity does not work”, neither does building community with obscurity. 
    • Discourage communication and collaboration.
    • Failure to express and enforce expectations/standard of conduct.
  4. Being unreliable.
  5. Being unhelpful.
  6. Being inconsistent.
  7. Hoarding knowledge instead of sharing it.
  8. Not documenting.
    • No how tos for the wiki.
    • No "minutes of the meetings" of wiki governance.
    • No agendas/expression of expectations beforehand.
    • No written goals/guidelines.
  9. Difficult or inappropriate tools/UI.
  10. Content that's not about Microsoft technologies (spam).
  11. Using the Technet Wiki for personal benefit, without the intent to cooperate, share, update or improve information


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