SharePoint Designer workflows looks simple but some tasks are tricky.  One of them how to get user profile properties from logged in user and common request to get the manager of logged in user. You can achieve it by following steps.


NOTE: User Profile service option is not present in SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows. To achieve it in SharePoint Designer 2013 you have to write custom activity. But you can still choose SharePoint 2010 workflow option in start.


It's working both in Office365, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013.



  • Select the list field which need to be filled and click the value link.


  • Click on value under "Find the List Item" section to pass the id of the current user.




  • In "Lookup for Person or Group" window fill the fields accordingly. The tricky part is to Return field as Login Name.



  • Here are the screen shot to get different properties from Profile service.