The procedure below will be use to migrate Windows Phone content that is migrated into Technet Wiki.



1. Initial transfer

  1. Create a new article on TN Wiki
  2. Add title with prefix "Windows Phone: " (without quotes and with a space after the ':')
  3. Include these tags:
  4. Save the article with original content on TNWiki
    • Do not edit the article yet
    • Do not clean the HTML yet

      This allows for rollback in case further manipulation goes bad.

      And also this allows to compare the final result with the initial layout.

  5. Only then start editing the article.


2. Updating layout

  1. Strip the layout (using the Format Stripper)
    • Remove fonts
    • Remove css
    • Remove span elements
    • Remove Word elements

DON'T USe the "Strip all formatting option" as this will kill the article structure.

This format stripper will probably remove color and formats of the code blocks. This will be fixed in later step.

When the article contains "Notes", "Warnings", "Important" notes, use the TN Wiki tool box to put in the templates for these items.




Add your text here.




Add your text here.


Warnings > Caution


Add your text here.


3. Fix HTML

  1. Remove duplicate instances of the <br> tag (only one occurence, all double <br> tags must be reduced to 1)
  2. In an HTML editor Change the <br> tags to </p><p> (yes /p first)
  3. Standardize and simplify HTML layout
    • Remove fancy stuff, keep it as simple as possible
  4. Clean all redundant HTML
    • Minimize (or eliminate)
      • <div> tags
      • style components
      • special fonts (do NOT define font for normal text, and define font "Courier New" for code blocks)


4. Standardize layout

  1. Add a Table of contents (using the [TOC] text)
  2. Use H1 headers for chapter indicators, then H2 for subsections and H3, H4 for subsequent lower level sections
  3. Add horizontal lines before all <H1> headers,
  4. Add a blank line before the horizontal lines and also before the H2, H3, ... headers.
  5. Use <hr> horizontal line at the end of article (<hr> tag as very last one in HTML)
  6. Reformat code blocks using the "Format code block".
  7. Add a credits section to refer to the the original article
    • Credits (h1) section at the bottom
    • In that section, include a statement with the migration info and author name.


5. Fix RGB color coding

  1. Change RGB codes to names (We got a powerful powershell script for that, which can replace the RGB code in memory). See below for more info


After Migration


Attention points

  • <br> tags cause duplication when saving the article
  • DO NOT use 0 (zero) in H1 titles (they do not show up in the TOC)
  • Make sure all RGB color codes are replaced by color names


See Also


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  • <source reference of source article> 
  • ...