This article lists commercial apps that use the Nokia Imaging SDK.


The Nokia Imaging SDK is a powerful library of image manipulation tools, which Nokia uses to create its own imaging applications (likeCreative Studio). We've made the SDK available for other developers to create compelling and memory efficient imaging apps.

The list below includes apps that we know use the SDK (including competitors in the Nokia Capture hackathon. If you know of others, please append them to the end them following the same pattern as we've used below.

Smart Resize


Smart Resize provides a smart way of resizing an image to fit into the box shape expected by social networking sites like instagram. Rather than cropping the picture to a smaller box or proportionally scaling, the algorithm in this app allows you to remove unimportant background and leave the main subjects intact.

Check out the youtube video.

Social Scene


Social Scene is an app to support the creation of "social long-term time-lapse photography". Simple take a shot of an interesting scene, later someone else will visit that same scene and be guided take the same shot.



TapShoot allows you to connect two Windows Phones together, and use one as a remote to control the camera of the other device. This free app uses Bluetooth and NFC functionality on your Lumia to connect the phones together, and then captures the picture seen by the second device. You can even select from a variety of image filters to make your picture look even better.

Remote Shot Beta


Remote Shot Beta allows you to connect via bluetooth and see the camera stream of another Windows Phone. After a shot the full quality picture will send to your phone and saved to the media library

Panna Paint


Panna Paint lets you create trails of movement by tracking objects. Simple tap an object to track that colour - it will follow the largest (single) item of that colour.



Beetle can identify infected paddy crops by taking a photo of infected crop leaves. It can currently detect 5 crop diseases: Bacterial Blight, Narrow Brown Leaf Spot, Brown Spot, Rice Blast




Pikura is a photo "Challenge" app where you can vote for the best photo in a challenge, and compete with your own.



Galleries personalises your photos allowing you to create and share collages, edit photos and add filters, use your device as a digital photo frame, display your photos on the lock screen, and much much more.

Monster Cam


Monster Cam transforms an image of your friend, dog, teacher, girlfriend or boring neighbour into a real freak. Have fun creating and sharing Monsters.



Peregrine is a simple fast and free Twitter Client for your Windows Phone. Selected "Top 5 App" by AppStoreHQ this also has embedded support for adding filters to images before posting.



LockScreenPlus allows you to populate your lockscreen with your images, and even apply image filters to improve them.



QuickScan is a portable document scanner designed for Windows Phone 8. The application was developed by using WP 8 features such as camera lens, picture hub, photo edit, etc. In addition you can convert images to PDFs, upload them to SkyDrive or share them.

Photo Light


Photo Light is a small, beautiful and free photo editor. It includes live preview when adjusting contrast and brightness, live tile support, editing from library, camera, or read EXIF straight from start screen, great performance and photo sharing on Facebook and Twitter.



Colorify lets you re-color your photos, selectively applying gray scale and original colour to create your amazing new artwork. See it in action in YouTube.

Camera Buddy++


Camera Buddy++ is a simple app to apply fun filter effects in real-time to the pictures you take.

Photo Buddy++


Photo Buddy++ is a simple app to take new or existing pictures and apply fun filter effects to them.



1Shot is a simple app designed to free your high res images. Take high res images and sync them with SkyDrive. View the full res images in app and add effects.

Visual Diary


Remember when diaries were for you and not everyone else? Well Visual Diary brings that to Windows Phone along with great photos. Visual Diary uses the Nokia Imaging SDK to add filters and effects to the images that you associate with a diary entry. You can also save the location for your diary entries and view them all on a global map.

If you have suggestions or feedback, please add them to It's better to give feedback and let me fix/improve, than to use give a low rating. Let's talk!

Car Reminder


Keep track of your car wherever you left it. Ideal for when you have a hire car or when you're somewhere you don't normally park. Just use Car Reminder to save your car's location, then get directions within the app to get back to it again. You can even launch Here Transit to get back to your car using public transport.

If you're in a car park or on a meter and have to be back by a certain time, why not use the Reminder feature to get a reminder on your phone, even when Car Reminder isn't running?

You can save a photo of where your car is to help you find it again, which uses the Nokia Imaging SDK to auto-level the photo for extra clarity.



Take a photo of what's in front of you then add yourself to the shot to complete the story. DualShot elevates the experience of capturing a moment by letting you share both sides with the people you love.

DualShot has a filter view that uses the filters from the Nokia Imaging SDK.

Lockscreen Buddy++


Lockscreen Buddy++ is an app that allows you to customize the text and image of your lockscreen, as well as have them periodically change automatically in the background.

Flashcard Buddy++


Flashcard Buddy++ is a simple app to create and share flashcards.

4Blend HDR


4Blend HDR is the first High Dynamic Range camera on Windows Phone using Nokia Imaging SDK. Create unique images by applying your choice of filters to the individual shots which make up the final image using multi-layer HDR algorithms.

Key Features:

  • Apply selection of filters to create your own unique effects
  • Unfiltered HDR for better photos in difficult lighting conditions
  • Voice activation for tripod use
  • Automatic or fully customizable manual camera settings


Originally contributed on 12 November 2013‎ by hamishwillee