About TNWiki Summit 2015

The International TechNet Wiki Summit 2015 aka TNWiki Summit15 will be a landmark in the TechNet Wiki history!

This Summit edition will be a unique conference to be held by Community members, based only on TechNet Wiki articles created to share problems and solutions, providing the opportunity to acquire knowledge and strengthen contacts between IT Professionals and Developers, to improve their professional growth.

Let's thank what has been accomplished on TechNet Wiki and encourage Attendees to share ideas and knowledge about different articles.


Format of this Edition

The TNWiki Summit15 has 3 content tracks as described in Summit Format article that will be crossed during each event day.

This event will take place on March 17-18-19, 2015. Completely free and online.

There is no limit for submitting articles, for Speakers and also Listeners.

The Speaker may choose to present your article in a talk or discussion format, but need a template predesigned presentation to you use.

The duration of a presentation is 45 minutes for each Speaker to show your content article and at least 5 minutes for questions and answers. The presentations will have a limit of up to 200 Listeners previously registered to attend each session.

If you want to be a Speaker, indicate below your articles to define a Presentations schedule.

NOTE: The TNWiki Summit 15 allow, exceptionally any article created on TechNet Wiki can be register for a Speaker, regardless of their creation date.

The presentations will be transmitted in real time via Live Meeting sessions. 

DEV Track

The TNWiki Summit articles about the DEV, links are listed below. 
 Azure Jan Hentschel aka Horizon_Net
 Azure Chervine
 SharePoint/Office 365 Matthew Yarlett
 Small Basic Ed Price
 Small Basic Nonki Takahashi
 Transact-SQL Ronen Ariely aka Pituach
 Transact-SQL Saeid Hasani
 Windows Phone/Store Sara M.G.Silva
 Windows Phone/Store Mihai Cosmin aka MCosmin
 Visual C# Jaliya Udagedara


The TNWiki Summit articles about the INFRA, links are listed below.  
 BizTalk Server Steef-Jan Wiggers
 FIM Peter Geelen
 SQL BI Paul Turley
 Windows Server Richard Mueller
 SharePoint Daniel Christian aka Dan Christian
 SQL Server Shashank Singh aka Shanky
 SharePoint / Office 365 Gokan Ozcifci

WIKI Track

The TNWiki Summit articles about the WIKI, links are listed below.  
 Life: Social Synergy Ed Price
 Life: Best Practices Peter Geelen
 From Forums to Wiki: Templates Sandro Pereira
 White Papers Gokan Ozcifci
 Wiki Ninjas Social Media Ronen Ariely aka Pituach,
Peter Geelen and Sandro Pereira
 Life: Best Practices Matthew Yarlett
 Wiki Portals Richard Mueller
 User Groups Craig Lussier
 International Communities Ed Price
 Wiki Ninja Belts Margriet Bruggeman,
Peter Laker aka XAML guy
and Ed Price
 TechNet Guru Peter Laker aka XAML guy

Language Sessions

The TNWiki Summit must be made available to the largest possible audience, always respecting their Fundamental Principles, so It's recommended that times possible to increase conditions of participation for Community members living in Western and also Eastern countries.

In TNWiki Summit15 we have 3 languages, with best work of International Communities on TechNet Wiki as indicated on Wiki Ninjas Blog posts - Progress in each language in the last 12 months. See below:

4 Turkish articles;

3 Portuguese articles, and;

2 French articles

The TNWiki Summit articles in other languages, links are listed below:

Turkish Presentations

 Life: Best Practices Hasan DimdikErdem SELÇUK,
Recep YUKSEL and Ugur Demir
 Active Directory Hasan Dimdik
 SharePoint (Custom) Erdem SELÇUK
 Exchange Server Recep YUKSEL
 Exchange Server Ugur Demir

Portuguese Presentations

 Life: Best Practices Alan CarlosDurval Ramos
and Luciano Lima
 SQL Server Durval Ramos
 ALM Alan Carlos
 Windows Server(Security) Luciano Lima

French Presentations

 Life: Best Practices Benoit Jester and Gokan Ozcifci
 SharePoint Benoit Jester
 SharePoint Gokan Ozcifci

The criteria for selection these articles will be defined by Organization Committee of this Summit edition, after registration Article as candidate.

If non-English articles indicated don't meet Summit criteria, then Committee can remove the invite for this article.

If not proposed articles for Summit in guest languages then invite will be removed.


Organization Committee

The Organizing Committee of 2015 edition was defined after member selection by TNWiki Summit15 Leader.

See below Committee members:

 Role  Member
 Leader  Ed Price
 Manager  Durval Ramos
 Presenter  Gokan Ozcifci
 Assistance and Disclosure  XAML guy, Alan Carlos
 and Davut Eren
 Infrastructure  Peter Geelen and Ronen Ariely
 Support  Margriet Bruggeman
 Observer  Bruno Lewin


Listeners Registrations

The TNWiki Summit15 attendees who will just attend Presentations are identified as Listeners.

A attend who register as Speaker, can also choose to register as Listener for other sessions of this Summit edition.

NOTE: There will be no fees for Attendees registration.

Listeners may choose to follow just one track sessions or register to attend the sessions of your choice, regardless of their track.

There is no limit for registering articles for Listeners.

You can register by filling out the TNWiki Summit15 form and choosing your favorite Presentations.

Registration for TNWiki Summit15 are openREGISTER NOW !!!

See below the schedule:

 DAY 1 - March, 17th
Time / GMT   DEV track WIKI track   INFRA track
GMT "-8"  :  01h00PM 
GMT "-2"  :  07h00PM
GMT "0"   :  09h00PM 
GMT "+2" :  11h00PM

"TechNet Wiki
Social Synergy"
Ed Price

GMT "-8"  :  01h45PM 
GMT "-2"  :  07h45PM
GMT "0"   :  09h45PM 
GMT "+2" :  11h45PM
Adding client-side
controls to an AngularJS
app in Office 365"
by Matthew Yarlett
"Wiki Life (Turkish): 
Best Practices"
by Hasan Dimdik,
and Ugur Demir
"SQL Server:
SQL Server Memory"
by Shashank Singh
GMT "-8"  :  02h30PM 
GMT "-2"  :  08h30PM
GMT "0"   :  10h30PM 
GMT "+2" :  12h30AM

"Wiki Life (Portuguese):
Best Practices"
by Alan Carlos
Durval Ramos
and Luciano Lima
"Exchange Server
Kurulum SenaryolariKSEL"
by Recep YUKSEL
(only Turkish Language)
GMT "-8"  :  03h15PM 
GMT "-2"  :  09h15PM
GMT "0"   :  11h15PM 
GMT "+2" :  01h15AM
"Small Basic"
by Ed Price
"Writing a Good Wiki Article"
by Matthew Yarlett
"Segurança em Profundidade
em Ambientes Microsoft"
by Luciano Lima
(only Portuguese Language)

 DAY 2 - March, 18th
Time / GMT   DEV track WIKI track   INFRA track
GMT "-8"  :  09h00AM
GMT "-2"  :  03h00PM
GMT "0"   :  05h00PM 
GMT "+2" :  07h00PM
"Creating and Querying
Microsoft Azure
by Chervine Bhiwoo

"Visio with Office 365
SharePoint Online"
by Daniel Christian
aka Dan Christian
GMT "-8"  :  09h45AM
GMT "-2"  :  03h45PM
GMT "0"   :  05h45PM
GMT "+2" :  07h45PM
"Visual C#:
Working with
WCF Data Services"
by Jaliya Udagedara
"Cross-Linking and Making
our Articles Discoverable"
by Richard Mueller
The power of
INSTEAD OF Triggers"
by Ronen Ariely aka Pituach
GMT "-8"  :  10h30AM
GMT "-2"  :  04h30PM
GMT "0"   :  06h30PM
GMT "+2" :  08h30PM
"Building a Business
Intelligence Solution with
Power BI Components"
by Paul Turley
"Wiki Ninjas
Social Media"
by Ronen Ariely aka Pituach,
Peter Geelen
and Sandro Pereira
"Windows Server:
Leading Spaces in
Active Directory Names"
by Richard Mueller
GMT "-8"  :  11h15AM
GMT "-2"  :  05h15PM
GMT "0"   :  07h15PM
GMT "+2" :  09h15PM
"Small Basic and TechNet"
by Nonki Takahashi

"Exchange Server"
by Ugur Demir
(only Turkish Language)
GMT "-8"  :  01h45PM
GMT "-2"  :  07h45PM
GMT "0"   :  09h45PM
GMT "+2" :  11h45PM
"How to Integrate Cortana
in a Windows Phone
by Sara M.G.Silva
"TechNet Guru"
by Peter Laker
aka XAML guy
"BizTalk Server 2013 R2
JSON support and
integration with Cloud API's"
by Steef-Jan Wiggers
GMT "-8"  :  02h30PM 
GMT "-2"  :  08h30PM
GMT "0"   :  10h30PM 
GMT "+2" :  12h30AM
  "Wiki Ninja Belts"
by Margriet Bruggeman
Peter Laker
aka XAML guy
and Ed Price
"DevOps Desenvolvimento
e Operações Juntos!"
by Alan Carlos
(only Portuguese Language)

 DAY 3 - March, 19th
Time / GMT   DEV track WIKI track   INFRA track
GMT "-8"  :  11h15AM
GMT "-2"  :  05h15PM
GMT "0"   :  07h15PM
GMT "+2" :  09h15PM
"Implementing audio
media stream sources in
windows phone 8.1"
by Mihai Cosmin
aka MCosmin

GMT "-8"  :  12h00PM
GMT "-2"  :  06h00PM
GMT "0"   :  08h00PM
GMT "+2" :  10h00PM
"Office 365
SharePoint Uygulamalari"
by Erdem SELÇUK
(only Turkish Language)

"Présentation de la recherche
dans SharePoint 2013"
by Benoit Jester
(only French Language)
GMT "-8"  :  01h00PM
GMT "-2"  :  07h00PM
GMT "0"   :  09h00PM
GMT "+2" :  11h00PM
"Wiki Life (French):
Best Practices"
by Benoit Jester
and Gokan Ozcifci
"Windows Server:
Active Directory Migration"
by Hasan Dimdik
GMT "-8"  :  01h45PM
GMT "-2"  :  07h45PM
GMT "0"   :  09h45PM
GMT "+2" :  11h45PM
"Structured Error
Handling Mechanism
in SQL Server 2012 & 2014"
by Saeid Hasani
"Wiki Life: Technet Wiki
Best Practices
(from administrators view)"
by Peter Geelen
"The good,the bad and ugly
part for Office365 
for large sized enterprises"
by Gokan Ozcifci
(only French Language)
GMT "-8"  :  02h30PM
GMT "-2"  :  08h30PM
GMT "0"   :  10h30PM
GMT "+2" :  12h30AM
"Getting Started with
MongoDB on Azure"
by Jan Hentschel
aka Horizon_Net
"TechNet Wiki:
User Groups"
by Craig Lussier

GMT "-8"  :  03h15PM
GMT "-2"  :  09h15PM
GMT "0"   :  11h15PM
GMT "+2" :  01h15AM

"From Forums to Wiki:
by Sandro Pereira
"FIM 2010
Best Practices & Technet Wiki"
by Peter Geelen
GMT "-8"  :  04h00PM
GMT "-2"  :  10h00PM
GMT "0"   :  12h00AM
GMT "+2" :  02h00AM
"Evitando que minha
coluna IDENTITY quebre
a sequencia numérica"
by Durval Ramos
(only Portuguese Language)
"TechNet Wiki 
International Communities"
by Ed Price
"The difference between
SharePoint On-Prem' platforms
and Cloud/Hybrid"
by Gokan Ozcifci

We will be posted more informations in this article and also through Social Networks used by "Wiki Ninjas" to disclose event.

If Listener does not want to be part of one or more TNWiki Summit15 sessions, will need to unsubscribe using the form provided by Organization of Summit edition.

This action also enables the attendee to unsubscribe the entire event.


Summit Material

The TNWiki Summit provides to all logos images for disclosure of the current edition event.

Once the Speaker is confirmed on TNWiki Summit15 will be provided adequate guidance to run your session and a PowerPoint template for creating your Presentation.


Summit Awards

In each TNWiki Summit15 session, Listeners can fill out a rating form with your opinion about the content of session attended and your Speaker.

Filling out this rating form is optional and may be held until conclusion of this Summit edition.

This rating form will be registered anonymously, in order to preserve identity of Listener and restricted to using only Organization Committee of TNWiki Summit.

Read more information about the International TechNet Wiki Summit awards.


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