General Questions

If you are asking a fairly straight forward question then ask away. Please do provide sufficient context as this will increase your chances of getting applicable responses. 

Questions for a Specific Scenario

If you have a specific scenario, provide as much of the information below to increase the chances of getting a prompt, accurate and helpful response.

  • Software Being Used:
    • Are you using Excel with Power Pivot+ Power Query or Power BI Desktop?
      For either one, provide version information if you can.

  • Link to Excel/Power BI workbook: Provide a link to your Excel workbook (.xlsx) or Power BI (.pbix) file. If your data is sensitive, see if you can recreate the problem using sample data. You can upload it to OneDrive, Dropbox or another cloud file sharing site and include the URL.

    • If your workbook is too large you may choose to include sample records only
    • If your workbook has sensitive data you may provide dummy data or remove the sensitive portion (e.g. only leave IDs remove names etc.)
    • If your data is not in a workbook (say you are using SSAS Tabular) provide as much of the rest of information as possible
  • Current and Desired Results: Show your current results and desired results
  • Show your DAX: Paste your measure or calculated column (clearly specify which one it is)
    • Remember to use code blocks for your DAX - this keeps line breaks under control compared to the default spacing between lines in a post
    • Format your DAX for legibility - rather than a single paragraph-like measure, use something like DAX Formatter to keep your formulas easily readable, or follow some other formatting convention
  • Diagram View: Screenshot of the "Diagram View"
  • Description of your data
Note: Where applicable it may also be helpful to mention what data source(s) are being used.