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Thanks to Durval Ramos for providing the introduction.



A "good practice" in the TechNet Wiki, for articles with "videos", requires that you need a brief description of the video content and if there is "source code" for a solution, this must also be written in the body of the article.

All this is intended to reduce some cases of sharing videos that end up not adding content to TNWiki. Since it is not possible to index information within the videos, only on text added in articles, in this case some videos are "lost" giving the impression that there's no great value.

It will also increase the visibility of your content, since several other search engines can find your articles.

Also, add a description in the section "Introduction" and other content whenever you believe will enhance your article. For example, in the section "References" add links from Microsoft web sites for more information on the subject, where to download an application, or on any content referring to your personal website (if that is relevant to the topic of the article).

You can also add a "See Also" section to link to other articles on the same subject within the TNWiki, like "Windows 10 survival guide" or "Platforms", which increases browsing your content on TechNet Portals and also ends up evolving your profile within the community.



  • Make sure the Wiki article has added value
    • For example, describe the step-by-step actions
    • Why is this important or not?
    • Compare to other products or procedures
  • Remove personal content, focus on technical content for the community
  • Add valuable, meaningful content in the article, related to the core content of the video.


  • Create an single URL article (with just 1 hyperlink to another source)
  • Make the video the only and/or primary content, without added value
  • Use the wiki to just republish videos, without added value
  • Use the Wiki as a personal blog
  • Create an article with all URLs to go to 3rd party web sites
  • Use an minimal introduction of the actors/presenters in the video
    • 1-sentence introduction, or 1 paragraph description is not considered significant value
  • Spread the content of similar topics on multiple articles


An alternative approach can be:

  • Gather / combine articles into a Wiki portal page
  • Add a step-by-step installation guide, a companion procedure, or scenario describing the video content
  • Collect multiple video scenarios in 1 Wiki article


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