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Business Activity Monitoring is a Real Time Miniature design of Business Intelligence. As the number of Financial transactions grows day by day, so does the need for reporting those transactions to Business Decision Makers. BAM plays a vital part to implement such a quick BI solution. BAM Tool ships along with BizTalk server, but it also can be coupled with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and WF (Windows Workflow Foundation). Below is the List of tables in BAMPrimaryImport database, which is a data source for BAM portal.

S.No Table Name Description
1 bam_<ActivityName>_Active Message Instances which are active are first saved in this table. IsComplete flag will indicate the completion of this instance
2 bam_<ActivityName>_Completed When the Active instances gets completed, the data from Active table will be moved toCompleted table
3 bam_<ActivityName>_ActiveRelationships Instances Active Relationship Reference are stored in this table

Eg: Relationship between two or more activities

4 bam_<ActivityName>_CompletedRelationships The Instances are moved to Completed relationship tables from Active Relationship tables once the instances are completed
5 bam_<ActivityName>_Continuations Continuation between different tracepoints (ActivityIDand ParentActivityID are stored in this table). Eg: Receive Trace point and send trace point
6 bam_Metadata_Activities All BAM activities installed in the Server with Activity Definition XML will be stored in this table
7 bam_Metadata_ActivityViews Views-Activity Relations are recorded in this table
8 bam_Metadata_AnalysisTasks Cube record details which is used for analysis is recorded in this table.

Eg: Measures, Dimensions and charts are in the analysis scope

9 bam_Metadata_Annotations BAM Event bus service converts the data blobs(from BizTalk Engine) to usable data using the metadata annotations
10 bam_Metadata_Configuration BAM Server Configuration Details are recorded in this table
11 bam_Metadata_Cubes Cube's Definition XML and associated Views/Activities are listed in this table
12 bam_Metadata_CustomIndexes Custom indexes, if used for any activities is listed here
13 bam_Metadata_DatabaseVersion Database Build, Minor, Major, Revision version is resided here
14 bam_Metadata_EventSource Event Sources used for BAM Interceptors is recorded here
15 bam_Metadata_InterceptorConfiguration BAM Interceptors(WCF Interceptors) relations with activities and Even XML is stored here


All the events which take place in BAM is recorded chronologically

17 bam_Metadata_Operations BAM Operations like Remove, deploy, update will be recorded here along with definition file, user and configuration files
 18 bam_Metadata_Partitions In order to increase the performance throughput, BAM always does a Partition of completed instance records. The details of Partitions are recorded in this table
19 bam_Metadata_PivotTables Real Time Aggregation based Pilot table information with reference to cubes/analytics is recorded here
20 bam_Metadata_Properties BAM Server properties are listed in this table, which was configured in BAM tools of BizTalk Server Configuration
21 bam_Metadata_RealTimeAggregations Real Time Aggregation details are inserted in this table
22 bam_Metadata_ReferencedDatabases BAM Referenced databases ( if any) will be recorded here
23 bam_Metadata_RTAMutex Used for RTA Mutual Exclusion for thread based scenarios
24 bam_Metadata_TrackingProfiles All Tracking Profiles(Linkage of Ports/Orchestration to BAM Activities) is Listed in this table
25 bam_Metadata_Views BAM View Details with View Definition XML is recorded in this table
26 BizTalkDBVersion BAM Primary Import DB's Version details are recorded here
27 MarkLog This table is filled by the Backup BizTalk server job.
28 TDDS_FailedTrackingData All BAM related errors are tracked in this table with Time stamp. TDDS Service is responsible for moving data from BizTalk Message box database to Primary import database. Any error that happens during this transport will berecorded in this table
29 TDDS_StreamStatus Every time the data moved by TDDS Service, the Sequence number in this table will get increase

Note: As we have many default activity tables in BAMPrimaryImport, we are covering it as template tables in the first 5 rows.

Hope this helps…!

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