This article is a survival-guide-like list of community resources across the Web.

This also contains links to important TechNet Library articles about Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). 

Please feel free to add more links to this list as they become available.



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URL Description MIM 2016 GA announcement MIM 2016 Eval software download FIM/MIM Facebook group MIM 2016 Technical Reference MIM 2016 Developer Reference

URL Description


MIM 2016 product page:

MIM User Forum:            


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RSS Feeds

If you want to be kept up-to-date automatically when new articles or posts are submitted, you can subscribe to the feeds below.

Most of the blogs below also have a feed available.


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Product Pages


White Papers

  • ...


Learning MIM 2016

Getting Started

  • TBD


Learning (Courses, Training, Exam)

Searched the Microsoft Learning catalog for Forefront Identity
  • Classroom
    • <..>
  • Learning Plans
    • <..>
  • Online training
    • <..>


Hands-on Virtual labs

  • <..>


Test Labs

  • <..>


Beta-testing & Pre-releases requires registration and login to access the Connect site

  • Downloads 
    • Contains software builds, connectors, meeting recordings, meeting calendar        
  • Feedback
    • the location to file bugs, suggestions, feedback,...
  • Surveys 
  • Discussions


Technical Libraries

MIM 2016

Click this link to the MIM 2016 Tech library


Developer Reference

Click this link to access the MIM 2016 Developer reference




  • Channel 9 :



Webcasts sorted on date
  • TBD



  • TBD

Online Community



Social Media


This article contains an overview on the MIM 2016 related articles on TechNet Wiki. Search the Microsoft Technet Wiki for more items related to MIM, some examples (alphabetically) below:
  • TBD
More to find at: FIM 2010 Wiki articles catalog page



Blogs with focus on MIM: moved to this Wiki article  MIM/FIM Community, feeds & blogs

Looking forward to seeing your blog in there!



Search Microsoft Download center for Forefront Identity Manager or MIM

    • Documentation
    • Trial & Eval
    • Updates
    • Management Pack 
    • PowerShell
    • eBook


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Updates & Hotfixes

To get an updated, complete list, search for the latest MIM hotfixes on Microsoft Support

See also the RSS feeds.

  • Updates
  • Build Overview


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Code & CodePlex

The following list of projects is sorted alphabetically: 

  • MIMWAL: An Advanced Workflow Activity Library for use in ForeFront Identity Manager 2010 R2 and/or Microsoft Identity Manager 2016


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  • MIM 2016 GA:


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Other Media


Articles & Magazines

  • TBD


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