Sometimes one person creates a group (and becomes the Moderator), but other people are really running the group.  People move on and there's always the possibility the originator of a group will hand the baton over to his/her successor,  For whatever reason you may want to remove members when it's time to do so. But only the Creator/Moderator can remove them.
You would expect to have some UI button in Skype to add more Moderators to your group. So you might spend some time looking for it, but there is no button.

Find Someone's Skype Name

To give a command about someone (like to add them as an Administrator), you're going to need to know their Skype Name! Normally, you see a Display Name, which can include their first and last name (with spaces). Their Skype Name has no spaces. Here's how to get their Skype Name:
  1. Search for their name or find their name in a Skype group.
  2. Right-click their name or profile image anywhere in Skype.
  3. Click View Profile.
  4. Note their Skype Name near the top.
You can also sometimes see what their original language is and what country they're in!

Add An Administrator to Your Group

Here's a way to use Skype commands to add more Moderators to your group! If you're the Moderator/Creator of the group...
  1. Go to your Skype group.
  2. Type in "/setrole [SkypeName] Admin"
Replace "[SkypeName]" above with the name you got from their profile in the section above this one.
If you do those simple two steps above, you'll set the person into the Administrator role, so that they can also remove people from the group (and can add more people as Administrators). 

What if you're not an administrator in the group? You're going to need to ask the Creator or another Administrator to add you as an Administrator. It will help them if you give them the full command line in advance, including your Skype Name. Most people don't know how to do this.

How to See the Roles

But what if you don't know your own role and who the creator is? Or what the user names are. Do this:
  1. Go to your Skype group.
  2. Type in "/showmembers"
Note that if you're pasting in the command, remove any spaces before it! Otherwise, the command doesn't work, it posts your line for all in the group to see, and you pretty much have to delete it.

This will show you who the Users and Admins are. 

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