An occasional requirement is for an Asynchronous Web Service call. By definition, user client does not wait for the response from the downward system and instead it continues processing after posting a request to the WCF endpoint exposed by BizTalk. Here a SQL Insert Operation has been used to demonstrate an asynchronous message flow between a .Net Application and BizTalk Server.


The requirement here is to show asynchronous design pattern with use with WCF Publishing Wizard in BizTalk Server 2013. The detailed diagram is illustrated below.

Picture 1.  Scenario overview.

Solution Design and Build Steps

Below are listed the steps which have been followed to create an asynchronous messaging solution.
  • Create the request schema, which is being used as data contract with the web Application or used as schema for a web request. I have created a sample schema for it.

Picture 2. Request schema.

  • Subsequently a Orchestration with logical one way request and one way send port.
  • Edit the Logical send port Operation name to Insert.
  • Create request message and transform it to SQL Insert request message and send it to One way Port with insert Operation

Picture 3. Orchestration overview.
  • After signing in and deploying the BizTalk solution Open BizTalk WCF Publishing Wizard  and select schema as WCF Service

Picture 4. Specify service endpoint binding, operation.

  • Next step

Picture 5. Specify WCF Service method of exposure.

  • Next Step delete the Service1 with Request Response Operation

Picture 6. Delete the default service operation.
  • Subsequent step : Add one way Operation and rename Service name

Picture 7. Add a web method.
  • Subsequent Step.

Picture 8. Specifying the schema's.
  • After that Click Next
This will expose schema and One way Operation is WCF Service. This will work in an asynchronous mode were client application will publish the message in Fire and Forget Pattern.

See Also

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