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Applies To: WSUS 3, WSUS 3SP1 and WSUS SP2


Patch management is a critical process in today’s IT infrastructure to keep up with security demands by assisting companies in mitigating potential vulnerabilities that were already resolved by vendors. Microsoft Windows Server Update Services allows you to manage and deploy updates for Microsoft products in a cohesive way. If you are new to WSUS, this topic can help you identify what you need to learn to fully understand this technology. Make sure that you first understand the prerequisite topics, because the later WSUS topics build upon these topics. Start learning about WSUS through the resources in the Level 100 (introductory), 200 (intermediate), and 300 (advanced) sections.


This section contains links to a variety of resources that contain the background information you need to fully understand WSUS.

Level 100

  • Make sure to understand the purpose of WSUS by reading the WSUS Overview article.

  • Windows Server Update Services Product Overview also summarizes how WSUS works.

Level 200

Level 300

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