By tagging your Wiki article correctly, you can significantly improve the discoverability of it. In Wiki: Common Tags, you can find an overview of commonly used tags that are not product specific. It is up to your personal preferences to pick the right tags for your article.

In addition to common tags, you should also add FIM (Forefront Identity Manager) specific tags to your article. For example, at a minimum, all FIM articles should include the tag "FIM" as starting point of your FIM related tag list. The next tag level is used to define whether your article contains a technical description or a FIM related script.


If your Wiki article is about:

  • A FIM related script, your tag list should start with: FIM, FIM How To Script.
  • Development instruction for writing FIM Wiki articles, your tag list should start with FIM, FIM Article Development.
  • A technical topic that is FIM related, your tag list should start with: FIM, FIM Technical Article.  

The complete tagging hierarchy for FIM related Wiki article consists of three layers:


The following table lists the FIM related tags and provides a description for them:

Tag Description
FIM Article Development These articles contain information about developing FIM Wiki articles.
FIM Reference Article These articles contain reference information.
FIM Understanding Article These articles contain a description of a technical concept.
FIM Troubleshooting Article These articles describe how to troubleshoot an issue.
FIM How To Article These articles describe how to configure something.
FIM Tool Script These articles contain links to the script code.
FIM How To Script These articles contain script code.
FIM ScriptBox Item The article is about a FIM related script.
FIM Technical Article These articles are about a technical description.
GALSync These articles are about the GALSync solution.
FIMCM These articles are about FIM 2010 Certificate Management.
BHOLD These articles are about the BHOLD solution.
DirSync These articles are about the DirSync solution.
FIMECMA These articles are about the Extensible Connectivity MA. (The ECMA acronym is also used in SP...)
FIM2010R2 These articles are version specific to FIM 2010 R2.
FIM 2010, FIM These articles are about FIM 2010 and FIM in general.


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