This article include list of free electronic books about SQL and Transact-SQL languages. Several of these books are an electronic version of a printed book, which can be acquired (Paid Version), while other e-books exists without any printed equivalent.

* An electronic book is a book-length publication in digital form, readable on computers or other electronic devices (for example ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats).


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Structured Query Language (SQL)

wikibooks: Structured Query Language

  • Publisher               : Wikibooks is a Wikimedia project for collaboratively writing open-content textbooks
  • Author                   : The Community
  • Book Description  :
This Wikibook introduces the programming language SQL as defined by ISO/IEC. The standard — similar to most standard publications — is quite technical and neither easy to read nor understand. There is therefore a demand for a text document explaining the key features of the language. That is what this wikibook strives to do: present a readable, understandable introduction for everyone interested in the topic.

Manuals and white papers by database vendors are mainly focused on technical aspects of their product. As they want to set themselves apart from each other, they tend to emphasize those aspects which go beyond the SQL standard and the products from other vendors. This is contrary to the wikibooks approach: we want to emphasize the common aspects.

The main audience of this wikibook is, therefore, people who want to learn the language, either as a beginner or for someone with existing knowledge and some degree of experience looking for a recapitulation.


  • Publisher               :  <...>
  • Author                   :  <...>
  • Book Description  :
  • Source content     :  <...>



Transact-SQL by TechNet Wiki Community

  • Publisher               : TechNet Wiki Community
  • Book Description :

    This e-book was created from the Transact-SQL articles published in TechNet Wiki by many authors. We are very grateful for their work and dedication. This book was put together by Saeid Hasani with the help of Durval Ramos Junior, Naomi Nosonovsky and Ronen Ariely (aka pituach).

  • Source content   :


Transact-SQL Reference (Database Engine)

  • Publisher               : Book-online
  • Book Description  : 

    Transact-SQL is central to using SQL Server. All applications that communicate with an instance of SQL Server do so by sending Transact-SQL statements to the server, regardless of the user interface of the application.

  • Source content:
  • Download instruction:

    On the content page, click the link on the right that say "export", and you will redirect to the "export help" page.

    On the export help page, click on "start". as a result, a new toolbar will appear, in any webpage of the book-online that you go to.

    Using this toolbar, you can now add any chapter or single pages, from the book-online to your export collection.

    You can right-click items in the table of contents that you want to add to your collection

    Once you are done, Click "Manage pages" in the toolbar, in order t export all the pages that you chose as one E-Book.

    * This book is too long to download as one file. You might need to download each chapter separately.

Defensive Database Programming.

  • Publisher               : Redgate Books
  • Author                   : Alex Kuznetsov
  • Book Description  :

    Resilient T-SQL code is code that is designed to last, and to be safely reused by others. The goal of defensive database programming, the goal of this book, is to help you to produce resilient T-SQL code that robustly and gracefully handles cases of unintended use, and is resilient to common changes to the database environment.

  • Source content     :
  • Download instruction: Direct download link on source content page

SQL Server Execution Plans, Second Edition.

  • Publisher               : Redgate Books
  • Author                   : Grant Fritchey
  • Book Description  :

    An execution plan describes what's going on behind the scenes when SQL Server executes a query. It shows how the query optimizer joined the data from the various tables defined in the query, which indexes it used, if any, how it performed any aggregations or sorting, and much more. It also estimates the cost of all of these operations, in terms of the relative load placed on the system.

  • Source content     :
  • Download instruction: Direct download link on source content page


  • Publisher               :  <..>
  • Author                   :  <..>
  • Book Description  :


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