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On the wiki, you can extend this with instructions on how to use different RSS readers, different tags, or any other useful information. Feel free to add your tips. It is the wiki way!

The TechNet wiki shows two RSS feeds:


There is also a feed for a tag in the tag cloud:


I use Outlook 2010 to feed each of these into a folder. I then write filter rules on the folders to show me stuff that has keywords I am interested in tracking.

However, you can hack the articles feed to retrieve Wiki articles with a specific tag, like this:

where "PutYourTagHere" is the tag you are searching on. If the tag includes spaces, such as "Has Comment", replace the spaces with the plus sign, "+". For example, use the string "Has+Comment". Some other characters must also be replaced. For example, to search for articles with the tag "en-US" you must use the string "en_2D00_US" in the url.

Also, the tag search partially works if you use a shorter url, which is easier when you are on the main Wiki page, but the results will be incomplete. For example, you might use the url:

Notice this url does not include the string "contents/articles/". Unfortunately not all articles with the tag are found this way, due to a bug (which has been reported). Finally, you can search for articles that have more than one tag by adding them to the url. For example, to search for all Wiki articles that the tags "en-US", "Has Image", and "Active Directory", you would use the following url:

Notice that you just add the tags to the url, separated by forward slash characters.


Which gives your custom-feed:

If you want to make your own categorization/table of contents/custom navigation scheme through the wiki, just start a new tag, tag the articles you want with that tag, and then subscribe to the custom tag feed.

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