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A site mailbox can be used from a SharePoint team site to store and organize team email. It can also be used from Outlook 2013 for team email, and as a way to quickly store attachments and retrieve documents from the team site.

You can add one site mailbox per site.

As discussed in Creating SharePoint Online site mailbox and SharePoint Online site mailbox: add email addresses, Get-Mailbox returns just the one mailbox as its name suggests:
Get-Mailbox smo-BlogSite | fl


Get-Mailbox smo-blogsite

or if you specify the IncludeInactiveMailbox parameter:

Get-Mailbox -IncludeInactiveMailbox

even though the mailboxes aren't exactly inactive

But the inactive parameter returns also mailboxes that don't site mailboxes. There are 2 ways to solve this.

Get-Mailbox Method

Use Get-Mailbox  but specify  RecipientTypeDetails parameter

Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails Teammailbox


Get-Mailbox -IncludeInactiveMailbox | where {$_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "TeamMailbox"}
(You have to specify the inactive mailbox parameter here because as you saw Get-Mailbox alone doesn't retrieve the site mailboxes and there would be no valid results to put through the pipeline)

Get-MsolUser Method

Get-MsolUser will retrieve all the users, including site mailboxes.

In order to filter only site mailboxes, you need to use CloudExchangeRecipientDisplayType

Get-MsolUser | where {$_.CloudExchangeRecipientDisplayType -eq 16}

Create Report on Site Mailboxes

The results can be exported to a .csv or .txt file, using:

Get-MsolUser | where {$_.CloudExchangeRecipientDisplayType -eq 16} | export-csv c:\users\ivo\documents\siteag1.csv


Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails Teammailbox | export-csv c:\users\ivo\Documents\siteag2.csv

Note that the properties (column names) are completely different in the 2 reports!

It stems from the fact that first you retrieve the properties of a user, and in the second cmdlet you retrieve properties for a mailbox.

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