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After you have put your FIM configuration in production, you need to schedule for FIM operational management tasks.

This article provides you with a checklist of items to plan for to maintain your FIM properly and to keep it in a healthy state.


Frequency definitions

For most of the FIM maintenance tasks, there is no fixed or mandatory time schedule, as these tasks depend on the installed features or required functionality/SLA.

But in general, you can split up the maintenance tasks into the following categories


Frequency Description
Regular - High Depending daily operations, in normal schedule
Regular - Medium Depending off-peak, lower pressure moments in normal schedule
Regular - Low Once for x months, every quarter, 1 or 2x per year
Regular - Depending Related to external release schedule of exterDepending availability (scheduled for maintenance windows)
Exceptional Not related to release schedules, but depending external factors, usually requires immediate attention or immediate action like highly critical security hotfixes.

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Task Frequency
Monitor Hardware: CPU, Memory, disks  



Task Frequency
Check & validate disaster recovery planning  
Test DRP  


Task Frequency


Task Frequency


Task Frequency
Scale up (more resources on existing servers)  


FIM Components

FIM Synchronization

Task scheduling

Task Frequency
Delta sync cycle  
Full Sync cycle  

Run history cleaning

Task Frequency
Clean FIM Sync run history  

FIM Service & Portal

Task Frequency


Database maintentance

Task Frequency
Indexes - Reindex / rebuild  
Backup with log truncation  
Shrink data bases NEVER